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OPINION: My Favorite Romantic Comedy Films With Original Concepts

OPINION: My Favorite Romantic Comedy Films With Original Concepts

A romantic comedy film with no cliche remains a breath of fresh air. A love story didn’t need meet-cutes, makeovers, and kissing in the rain. This list features movies that provide fresh takes on the beloved genre. Of course, these include breaking the mold of what a romantic heroine should look like, accidental coming-together, unforeseen connections, and flawed expectations.

OPINION: My Favorite Romantic Comedy Films With Original Concepts

The F Word

Released in some countries as What If, this 2013 romantic comedy gave viewers a break from the typical romantic-comedy formula. Aside from that, the leads remain refreshingly average when compared to other typical Hollywood rom-com protagonists. Alas! They don’t look like they live in a gym. Daniel Radcliffe plays med-school dropout Wallace who has yet to be successful when it comes to romantic relationships. Then, he meets Zoe Kazan’s character, Chantry. They have amazing chemistry. However, it turns out that she actually lives with her boyfriend. The movie also remains a fresh and quirky reminder that turning friendships turning into something more gets complicated. It also made gifting loaves of bread to each other romantic… Someone give me one now!

Palm Springs

You can’t keep weddings and romantic comedies apart. That’s a fact. But, this movie proved that it’s not a regular rom-com wedding movie. Sure, it does have rom-com cliches but it’s actually a drama and a little bit of science-fiction all blended into a fun and seamless ride. Andy Samberg plays Nyles and Cristin Milioti plays Sarah, two wedding visitors stuck in a time loop. They have such great chemistry and can make you laugh out loud with their antics. The movie tackles existential themes without being overly dramatic. It also adds a dash of mystery to keep viewers on their toes.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Romantic comedy fans love it when a protagonist has to go through obstacles to win over their love interest. But, how about when they have to go through obstacles in a geeky romantic action comedy? The movie is definitely for the hyperactive game geek in all of us. Michael Cera who plays Scott Pilgrim is arguably the best lovable loser onscreen. He engages in titanic battles with revengeful ex-lovers of Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character, Ramona Flowers. Funny and action-packed, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World also has great visual effects that create a video game atmosphere in a Manga-inspired fantasy world.

Ruby Sparks

Zoe Kazan seems to like pushing the barriers of the rom-com genre, appearing the second time in this list. She actually wrote Ruby Sparks which revolves around a nervous writer who sees one of his own characters come to life. He struggles with coping with the idealized version of Ruby Sparks as she seeks to gain independence. Paul Dano, Kazan’s real-life partner, portrays the anxiety-riddled writer Calvin. They certainly make their romance believable onscreen as well. The movie breaks all the rom-com cliches and actually circulates around the creative process, insecurity, control, and the fragility of the male ego.

About Time

Everyone would love to have the ability to time travel and change the past. That way, we can have a better tomorrow. Especially, when it comes to love. The movie explores just that – love and its relationship with time. Domhall Gleason’s Tim Lake has the ability to travel through time and make alterations. However, this affects something else in the future through various trials and errors. He, then, comes to a conclusion that when it comes to love, it’s better to live every moment while it’s happening and to savor it.

Do you agree with my picks? Let me know!

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