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On Busy Days, Filipino Dubbed K-Drama and K-Movies Are for You

On Busy Days, Filipino Dubbed K-Drama and K-Movies Are for You

When deadlines are filling up, no matter how much we love K-Dramas and K-Movies, it’s impossible to watch them while doing our tasks. Since we rely on subtitles in order to follow the story, it really requires our full attention. But it’s not the case if we watch Korean shows that are dubbed in Filipino, which you may just play in the background to keep you entertained. This way, we’ll somehow get to enjoy our time while accomplishing something important or even while doing household chores.

You might want to check out these K-Dramas and K-Movies available on Netflix with Filipino audio;

Seoul Vibe – 2 hours and 20 minutes

If you are looking for a star-studded action comedy film, Seoul Vibe is for you! This movie takes us back to 1988, in the days leading up to the Seoul Olympics. A prosecutor made a pact with the drivers of the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team to sabotage the biggest money laundering of the government’s secret funds. This transaction will take place during the opening ceremony of the much-awaited event, propagated by society’s dangerous people. To execute this plan, they need to go undercover and be hired to transport money prior to the big event. Whether they’ll gain people’s trust and succeed with their mission is for you to find out.

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Remarriage & Desires 8 Episodes

With eight episodes, Remarriage & Desires was able to deliver an exciting storyline, revolving around the world of the elites. To maintain their status or even climb higher on the social ladder, people desire to be married or remarried. This is through the matchmaking company Rex which works for the wealthiest individuals. For one of the clients, Seo Hye-Seung, the reason for taking part in this is way deeper. She wanted to take revenge against the person who ruined her family, and while at it, she has more to discover.

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Narco-Saints – 6 Episodes

This Netflix original thriller crime drama will take you to a world controlled by money-hungry people. It is based on a true story of a small-time businessman who imports fish from the Country of Suriname to South Korea. It took a turn when he met a Korean pastor followed by his involvement in drug smuggling. In order to stay alive, he had to play along with syndicates but his survival is far from guaranteed. With only six episodes, I’m sure that this K-Drama will fuel your anger toward outlaws.

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Alive – 1 hour and 38 minutes

If you want a film that would give you enough adrenaline, Alive would be best for you! Due to an infectious virus that affected the whole city, people turned into zombie-like creatures. With great casts, you’ll truly feel the hopelessness of being stuck in an apartment, waiting for rescue. As they try to escape the complex, they have to physically fight with these infected people, risking their lives even more. I bet you’d squirm in fear as you follow Joon-Woo (Yoo Ah-In) and Yoo-Bin (Park Shin-Hye) suspenseful journey to survival.

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We have different ways of coping with stress and for some, watching shows is a way to deal with it. Unfortunately, there are many more important things that we have to do and sometimes, it would take up all our time. During this moment, I hope that you’ll still get to relax and enjoy yourself as it is just as important. With these Filipino-dubbed K-Dramas and K-Movies, you’ll get to beat boredom without compromising your deadlines. Well, that’s the goal!

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