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These K-Dramas Will Make You Love Park Eun Bin Even More

These K-Dramas Will Make You Love Park Eun Bin Even More

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It has been weeks since Extraordinary Attorney Woo ended yet many of us still can’t get over it. It is debatable whether every show listed on Netflix’s Top 10 is worth watching and deserving of the spot. However, we can all agree that this K-Drama truly belongs in this ranking. Thus, the hype that it receives is unquestionable. Extraordinary Attorney Woo has all the formulas of a great series. It’s not hard to get hooked on the story because there’s always something to look forward to in the next episode. Apart from this, it’s so easy to fall in love with the characters, especially Woo Young Woo herself.

Park Eun Bin

Our beloved attorney is played by the Korean actress Park Eun Bin who started her career as a child star. Since she debuted young, Eun Bin has had a long list of roles and shows under her name. Knowing that she’s been in the entertainment industry for so long, we surely cannot doubt her acting ability. Good thing, the second season of Extraordinary Attorney Woo has been confirmed! What’s even better is that you don’t have to wait until 2024 to see Park Eun Bin on screen. In the meantime, you may check out these K-Dramas that will surely make you love her even more.

Age of Youth / Hello My Twenties

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In this drama, Park Eun Bin’s character is nothing similar to Attorney Woo. Perhaps, a polar opposite. She portrayed Song Ji Won, an extroverted student who is quite liberated and very active in the dating scene yet still cannot end up in a relationship. In the second season of the show, there are scenes that prove that her character is sex-positive which we know, isn’t very usual in a K-Drama. Her progressive role is very easy to relate to especially for young adults. Plus, the sisterhood in this drama is something to envy. I’m sure you’ll get to enjoy the rest of the characters!

Do You Like Brahms?

This series revolves around the romance of Chae Song Ah and Park Joon Young who are both classical music students at a prestigious university. The chemistry of
Park Eun Bin and Kim Min Jae didn’t go unnoticed and you’ll definitely feel kilig just by watching them. Eun Bin is still very effective in portraying a character who is introverted and somehow melancholic. She’ll make you feel her struggle as a musician and her longingness for people to accept the path that she wanted to take.

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The King’s Affection

I haven’t seen historical dramas in a while and The King’s Affection made me realize that I missed it. Park Eun Bin has to play three characters and one of these is Lee Hwi, a crown prince. It is again very different from her other roles as she had to pretend to be a male. Her face is so pretty to be mistaken for a man but her acting is convincing and her portrayal as Dam Yi, a palace maid, is also different. All in all, this K-Drama will give you enough excitement!

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These are only three out of all dramas and movies that she made but we can already see her caliber as an actress.  Without a doubt, Park Eun Bin really deserved to be recognized as one of the top hallyu stars of her generation.

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