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Signs You Are a Burnout Kid

Signs You Are a Burnout Kid

Gifted child burnout is no joke and the best support group these folks have is the internet. 

Not sure if you’re one with the gang boping with Marina’s ‘are you satisfied?’  This list can help you tell if you’re one of them burnout kids.

You lost almost all meaningful relationships 

Burnout can lead to severe stress and other mental health issues that can result in isolation. If you’re a burnout kid, chances are you’ve lost a handful of meaningful relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, it is normal to lose circles of friends when growing up. But if you find yourself in your 20s with no one to confide with, you probably chose obscurity because of burnout and lost trusted pals along the way.

Sleeping is a hobby

Once upon a time, you were a gifted kid. The jack of all trades, the math whiz that somehow juggles extracurricular activities. How can you do everything all at once and how were you so perfect at everything?

That’s probably your thought process now as a burnout. Now that you can no longer do all the things you used to effortlessly do perfectly, you just resort to procrastinating.

Because how can you be bad at things if you’re not doing them? Not gonna study for that test, Imma just take a nap.

Socializing is scary

Socializing means coming out of your shell, and showing yourself to the world mean revealing that you’re burnout and no longer the golden kid that you once were.

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Using substances to cope

Since burnout leads to isolation, losing friends, and having fear of socialization. A lot of folks resort to substance abuse.

When it has already come to this point, please reach out for help. A family member, an old friend. Anyone you know can understand. Some substances can be a wee bit less harmful than others, nevertheless, using these to cope is still bad.

We see you and we’re here for you.

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