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NMIXX Kickstarts The Holidays With ‘Funky Glitter Christmas’

NMIXX Kickstarts The Holidays With ‘Funky Glitter Christmas’

The 4th-gen rookie NMIXX sparkles this holiday season with their first-ever Christmas INTERMIXXION (a mixxified term for intermission) Funky Glitter Christmas.

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Photo | NMIXX

Another year, another round.

Are you ready?

Look at dem sparkles in the air,

But this year, we gonna bring back the funk,

So let’s go! Gonna be a funky glitter Christmas.

– NMIXX’s ‘Funky Glitter Christmas’

NMIXX Kickstarts The Holidays With ‘Funky Glitter Christmas’

This year, NMIXX brings back the funk as they released their first-holiday single, Funky Glitter Christmas, last November 23. The seven members consisting of Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Jinni, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin greet their NSWERs with a sparkling colorful Bratz-themed music video. Following their hit comeback Dice, the girls impressed their fans yet again with another of their angelic and majestic vocals.

It’s a Christmas Party!

Funky Glitter Christmas is such a fun music video as it shows the girls enthusiastically preparing for a Christmas Party. However, there is more to it than that as I find it quite healing for my inner child. For many, myself included, the holiday season grows colder as we grow older. Thus, it is best to say that Funky Glitter Christmas is a song for our little selves who used to be thrilled about Christmas.

On the other hand, the lyrics playfully referenced the classic Christmas songs Feliz Navidad, Joy To The World, and Deck The Halls. It’s no wonder why the music sounds so familiar! Unlike their debut song O.O, Funky Glitter Christmas is much more cohesive despite sounding like a remix of other holiday-themed songs. It further adds a nostalgic touch to the rookie’s first-ever holiday single.

nmixx holiday
Photo | NMIXX

NMIXX’s Vocal Powerhouse

The all-rounder maknae, Kyujin, starts the song with her bubbly intro as Lily backgrounds with her insanely gorgeous adlibs. But what made me really sit down to watch the whole MV was when Jinni sang the first verse. The lead rapper has such an underrated yet adorable and stable voice. Honestly, they could all be lead singers and no one would even dare to deny it.

Moreover, the bridge part is truly the icing on the cake of this holiday song through Kyujin, Lily, and Sullyoon’s graceful voices. Of course, what would be an NMIXX song without Lily’s high notes? The girl truly is one of the best and most versatile vocals of this generation.

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On the music that makes us shine,

I hope we shine each other more

A funky glitter christmas

– NMIXX’s ‘Funky Glitter Christmas’

This Christmas, NMIXX brings us together through their music that makes us shine.

While this is their first year as a group, NMIXX continues to impressively prove how deserving they are to be called “monster rookies.” With their amazing vocals and phenomenal dancing skills, the 7-member group ends the year with a spectacular song that surely makes you remember your childlike joy this Christmas. I definitely look forward to seeing more from them this coming new year.

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