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NMIXX: The total package of 4th generation K-pop group

NMIXX: The total package of 4th generation K-pop group

NMIXX is a girl group with seven members that debuted under JYP Entertainment. They released their first single album, “Ad Mare,” on February 22, 2022, and made O.O. their debut song.

Their group name has two meanings. The ‘N’ stands for new and the word ‘MIXX’ stands for combination. Aiming for diversity in music with the best combination of a new era is what they stand for. Their fandom name is ‘Nswer’, so cute, isn’t it?

NMIXX | K-pop Asiachan

All of the members are all-rounders and do not have exact official positions yet in the group. The names of the members are Haewon as their leader, Lily, Sullyoon, Jinni, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin. They are all vocalists, and dancers, and serve visuals that do not disappoint.

What to expect from NMIXX?

Since all of the members of NMIXX are all-rounders, you can expect that they are talented in all aspects. They prove their vocals every time they cover other K-pop songs. Giving justice to the music and the original singers is what they are good at.

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One of the NMIXX song covers that garnered the attention of netizens is ‘Kill This Love’ by Blackpink. They sing the song in a new rendition. Having their own style with a slower melody gave each of them their own time to shine. The live video they uploaded on YouTube is still trending and currently has 3.9 million views in 3 months.

Aside from that, they also cover songs from TWICE, which also draws the attention of the audience. TWICE is their ‘sunbaenim’, a far more experienced person, as they are under the same company. The two famous Twice song covers they did were ‘The Feels’ and ‘Like Ooh Ahh’.

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Even if the group just debuted, they have already proven their worth. Recently, they performed at the KCON 2022 premiere in Chicago. Lots of the audience at the event became their fans in an instant. NMIXX received a lot of praise for performing live especially, their stable live vocals despite hard choreography.

Also, the group serving visuals is on another level. Fans were in awe, knowing that the group contained talented and good-looking members. We cannot deny the fact that the girl group slays every time they perform on stage.

NMIXX | AllKpop

Have you explored other 4th generation K-pop groups yet? It’s your time to be an ‘NSWER’ as NMIXX will surely never disappoint you in their every performance!

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