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National Dog Day! The Bond Between Man and Canine

National Dog Day! The Bond Between Man and Canine

Do you know what day it is today? It is National Dog Day! Do you have a dog at your home? If so, celebrate this day with them. There is nothing more fun than having a celebration with our lovely furry friends.

Since the dawn of time, dogs are what you call a man’s best friend. These cute and happy rascals have been with us for at least 14,000 years already. That is a really long time. It is almost basically innate in us to have a connection with them.

So what are you waiting for? Cheer up with your fur family and make them spend their day like there is no tomorrow. Also, if you do not have a dog to spend your day with or you want to add another one to your family, why not take this chance to get one?

Celebrate National Dog Day

You’ve Got a Friend in me

Dogs are called a man’s best friend for a reason. They all come in their own unique way and breeds. National Dog Day is created to celebrate this day for our partners no matter what breed, size, or shape they are. This day is dedicated to them, so as their companions, it is our duty to make them feel joyful. Spend some time in the park, play catch, treat them to a good meal, watch a movie, etc. There are many ways to spend this day.

Furthermore, that is not the only reason to celebrate this day as well. Another reason is that this day aims to spread the awareness of those dogs displaced, stray, or suffering from ailments and find their companionship in us through adoptions.

Dogs have been helpful to us in many different ways. They even perform acts or jobs that help save and contribute to our society. There are many dogs that put their lives on the line for our benefit. There are bomb-sniffing dogs that literally perform extreme tasks to avoid dangers, there are also dogs that are companions to those in need of assistance, and many more. Basically, dogs play an important role in our lives.

Kabang – our hero dog

Okay, let us remember one of our hero dogs. Kabang is of mixed askal breed from Zamboanga city. She is a hero dog that saved two children from a potentially fatal motorcycle crash. She sustained extensive upper-mouth and nose injuries leading to medical surgeries.

Photo Credits: Anton Mari H. Lim

Her heroic acts gained international recognition that helped her get donations for her medical operations back in 2012. Kabang passed away at the height of the pandemic on May 17, 2021, at the age of 13. Her legacy and name shall live on forever in the many years to come.

Adopt or Donate

Dogs are everywhere. If you are looking for one and have the means to support and love the dog, then go ahead and get one. Before you visit a pet store, why not visit a shelter first? There are many furries out there looking for a home or a companion they would like to become family with. Your life really changes, once you have a dog as a companion.

If you cannot adopt due to reasons, why not donate? Support a shelter that is taking care of our furry friends. Your help can make them feel loved and happy while they are under care. Of course, money is one way to show donations, but there are many more ways you can do it. You can work there for a day to spend some time with them. Try donating some food or toys for their entertainment and health. There are many ways to make a dog happy. All we need to do is to start the action of doing it.

Whether you decide to bond with your dog, learn more about them, donate to shelters, or adopt one to join the family, always make sure to celebrate this day and acknowledge just how much you love them.

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