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3 Things You Should Know to Improve Relationship with Your Cat

3 Things You Should Know to Improve Relationship with Your Cat

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Improving your relationship with your pet cat is never easy at first. Oftentimes, wondering whether they even like you or not is like solving a puzzle.

While having a cat as a companion certainly has its perks, there are times when you may find yourself scratching your head and wondering why your aloof, snobbish feline seems determined to knock over your prized vases or favorite figurine whenever you’re not paying close enough attention to them. Well if you want to save another prized possession from ruins by your cat, here are three things you should know to upgrade your bond with your little Egyptian deity.

Your cat’s body language.

Like humans, cats use body language to convey their emotions. You can learn to read a cat’s feelings by paying attention to its tail, posture, and ears, just as you would learn to read a human’s facial expressions. If a cat’s ears and tails are perked up, it’s probably because it’s feeling good, but if they flop back, it’s probably best to take a few steps back and give them the space they require. 

Another indicator of their moods is their body positions when they’re at rest. They also cover their faces with their paws when they want you to leave them alone. 

Your Cat’s habits.

If you have more than one cat, you may have noticed that each of them has unique routines and mannerisms. This is especially true if you keep them in the same home. Some cats will deliberately poo on the food bowl of another cat to assert dominance or mark territory. Perching atop your head is also a way of asserting their authority over you. They would also try to get your attention by sitting on your laptop while you are working to let you know that they want the same attention that you are giving to your computer.

Learning about the many routines of your feline friend would undoubtedly result in a more pleasant connection.

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Understanding their nature and upbringing.

Have you ever had your cat show you something it caught? Well, just like their wild ancestors, domestic cats are born to hunt and pounce on their prey. Bringing their prey to you is also their way of saying thanks. This can also mean that they’re teaching you how to hunt if they think you’re not a good hunter! Either way, it’s just their usual way of expressing feline love.

Just like people, cats are born with complex personalities and sometimes, all it takes is a lot of patience and understanding to upgrade your bond with your feline.

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