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Adorable Pet Animals I Want in My Home

Adorable Pet Animals I Want in My Home

I grew up wanting a pet to take care of. Most of the time I have no idea how owners feel when they have one or lose one. But as someone who does not plan to have a human child anytime soon, here are some pet animals I would like in my own home.

#1 Dog

Obviously, who wouldn’t want a dog of their own? Unless you are allergic to them and hate cleaning the furs of the animal. When I was a child, I was made to believe that dogs are not good pets. My mom would always say no to us. Instead, she buys books for me to read.

I had my first pet dog last year, I named him the most cliché name I can think of “Oreo.” Sadly, he died because of parvo. It was the happiest 5 months for me, he brought unexplainable joy and calmness to my life. He made me more patient and more understanding. Hence I would like to adopt a dog again, and I would make sure to do things right next time.

#2 Guinea Pigs

We had a pet guinea pig last 2020, we named him Theodore “Teddy” for short. I think out of the four I would probably have this first. Despite them being small, all they do is munch vegetables. However, Teddy died after a few months.  The biggest mistake we had done is not buying another one because apparently Guinea pigs are social animals.

Probably the only con that I think is not a con in having a Guinea Pig is their squeaky noises. They do this when they are hungry but a carrot would always work!

#3 A Snake

I know having one as a pet is a big responsibility. Snakes are magnificent animals. We see them in media as aggressive but that’s how they adapt to their environment especially if predators and preys are around. I see them differently; they are charismatic and calm animals.

I saw many people having snakes and having no trouble taking care of them. Most of them share their experiences and that made me comfortable with wanting one. I think what would worry me the most in having them is having the guinea pigs at the same time, they might act according to their instinct that they are food. Other than that, there’s nothing more I can think of why I don’t want snakes as animals and a pet.

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#4 Cats

Cats are interesting pets to have. Physically they are cute but most of the time they have mind-boggling behaviors.

Getting a pet animal is synonymous with having a child—at least for some of us. It is not easy as some may think, it also requires the same love, and patience, for a human child. You have to provide them with quality food, and shelter, and get them the right medical care which may be a little more expensive.

But it’s not what we can provide to these pet animals, it’s what they provide to us, pet moms—happiness, joy, and ease.

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