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My Favorite ShirBert Moments in Netflix’s Anne With an E

My Favorite ShirBert Moments in Netflix’s Anne With an E

Anne with an E tells a story of a young redhead, Anne Shirley, who spent an abusive childhood in the orphanage. She gets adopted by old-age siblings living in the Prince Edward Islands, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. From then, Anne of Green Gables embarks on her own adventure and becomes a well-loved girl in their community.

This Netflix series tackled important issues that occurred in the late 19th century, yet are still relevant to this day. This navigates into social issues like freedom of speech, black people, native tribes, and women empowerment. But aside from that, the thing that makes me come back to Anne with an E is the young romance between Anne and Gilbert, too! See my favorite moments from ShirBert that will always make my heart flutter.

5. The Academic Rivals

Anne and Gilbert outsmarting each other is a chef’s kiss. Academic rivals have been one of my favorite romance tropes and these two make it a lot more difficult to resist them! Just watching them trying to rile up each other makes my heart jump.

Also, notice how smooth Gilbert is when he intentionally spelled ‘engagement’ wrong, just to say he forgot to add an ‘E‘. A lowkey tease to Anne who always says her name that it has an E at the end. By the way, disregard the cringe flirting of Mr. Phillips in this one.

4. Making a Great T-E-A-M

These most intelligent students indeed make a powerful duo. A moment to treasure where banters of Anne and Gilbert does not exist. Just getting comfortable and all smiley after leading the fight against the threat to freedom of speech.

They make a great team because somehow, their personalities resemble each other. But the highlight of this scene is the tension between them. That deep eye contact is to die for! Only just a shame that Gilbert is a confusing one for having Winifred in his life this time when he truly loves Anne.

3. Famous ‘Carrots‘ Scene

It takes a slate on Gilbert‘s face for him to be in love with Anne. This early moment from the two is such cute and fun to watch. The young Anne really intrigues Gilbert from their first meeting on the way to school, that’s why the latter teases her with the nickname carrots in order to catch her attention.

Look closely at his face in this one after he got hit, it’s a look of deep admiration. True to the book, he started to fall in love with the redhead girl at this moment. This playful scene is definitely iconic!

2. The ‘Finally They Kissed

This is the major moment, a moment where I finally lay at rest. Anne and Gilbert, kissing, that’s it! After watching episodes of them outsmarting each other; secretly having a crush on one another; getting confused by their unknown feelings; and poor communication between the two that is hard to endure, they finally kissed. From the way how Anne and Gilbert execute it, they too relay that feeling.

My heart gets burst over and over again. This scene makes me somehow like a proud mom who had witnessed her kids be grown up. But the funny thing in this one is Diana‘s face at the end. It’s giving, right in front of my plate when she’s the key to the romance between these two.

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1. Breaking the Rules in Dance

Down to most favorite ShirBert moment! Yes, it’s the dance scene where Gilbert breaks the rules just to be partnered with Anne. Truthfully, when I first watched this scene, I did not even notice the changes in their formation. But later, in the end, that’s the time I got confused. Definitely, Gilbert is a sneaky one.

I just love this scene because of how they enjoy dancing with each other. Those endearing smiles and eye contact! Moreover, this is the moment where they finally refused to deny their growing feelings, especially Anne. If only Anne and Gilbert know how to make proper communication by confessing their love to each other, then maybe, we already got the couple right at this moment. But the slow burn and tension they went through also made things more exciting.

I really want to see the developments in the relationship between Anne and Gilbert because they are only just starting in the last episode. It’s a real shame how Netflix decided to cancel this show. Yes, I will never move on from the two as my favorite academic rivals trope deserves more heart-fluttering moments.

However, if you still have not yet streamed Anne with an E, it’s never too late to watch it on Netflix. You better check it out now!

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