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Best of Best: Top 5 Most ‘Neo’ Song of NCT 127

Best of Best: Top 5 Most ‘Neo’ Song of NCT 127

Today’s K-pop sphere is changing. As K-pop fans might have observed, K-pop songs are slowly transitioning to a more experimental, modern sound, and NCT 127 is not far behind this change. NCT 127 is a K-pop boy group that debuted in 2016 and is currently under the entertainment label SM Entertainment.

Currently promoting as a nine-membered group, NCT 127 is attracting the attention of many with their neo songs. And for fans and non-fans who want to give these neo songs a listen, here are 5 tunes proving that NCT 127 is living up to their Neo Culture Technology name.

Limitless (2017)

Limitless is the title track for NCT 127’s second mini album NCT #127 LIMITLESS released in 2017. The album marked the introduction of Johnny and Doyoung as NCT 127 members. Limitless, the song, belongs to the urban R&B genre and reflects the message of NCT’s brand being infinite and expandable.

Chain (2018)

Released in 2018, Chain is the title track for NCT 127’s Japanese debut mini album Chain. The whole album features genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and electropop. Regarded as one of the group’s most experimental songs, Chain features a lot of mechanical and electric sounds that give an excellent nod to the “metallic” concept of the song.

Simon Says (2018)

Simon Says is the 9th song, and the main promotional track for NCT 127’s first repackage album NCT #127 Regulate. This song falls under urban hip-hop and features heavy bass and sharp synth sounds. Wanting to carry out a message of finding one’s true self, the song criticizes the “Simon Says” lifestyle wherein one lives and acts out according to other people’s expectations.

Punch (2020)

Punch is the title track for NCT 127 second repackaged album NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round. This song is filled with dynamic beats and unique lead synth sounds, representing the vibrant energy of a boxer and staying true to the experimental nature of the group’s songs. Punch aims to relay the message of having the willpower to overcome the lonely moments usually fought alone.

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Sticker (2021)

Among the group’s latest albums is Sticker. The song Sticker is the title track for NCT 127’s 3rd full album, Sticker, and expresses the desire to always stick together with loved ones. Sticker is a hip-hop dance song filled with powerful bass lines, rhythmical vocals, and distinctive flute sounds. Sticker became one of the group’s most popular hits and even led the group to win the 2021 Album of the Year Award Asia Artist Awards.

NCT 127 has 6 years’ worth of experimental songs under their name. And with how the K-pop musical sphere is shifting, we can only expect more “neo” songs from this group in the coming years.

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