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Mr. JV Cruz is our all-around guy

Mr. JV Cruz is our all-around guy


TV/Events Host, Actor, and Influencer JV Cruz is a testament of a jack of all trades in the entertainment industry. The talented guy can deliver a performance on screen and online and epic no-fail banters that never make a crowd dull.

Every opportunity is worth seizing for JV as he treats them far beyond work. In fact, his secret to doing so well in his chosen fields is that he found a purpose for every single task.


He shared, “Hosting for me is not just a job; it is indeed a privilege, because for every social activities, gatherings, or celebrations that I attended, I was able to do the most important role to make each and every event a success, and that is what makes me happy, seeing those smiles from the celebrants and event coordinators is truly fulfilling, the cheers of the crowd whenever I do my spiels is really amazing, knowing that they enjoyed so much watching me makes me feel so happy as well.”

JV and his memorable stint

Wherever he hosts, he makes it a duty for the audience to savor memories and make them unforgettable. According to him, most of the events that he attended were memorable, especially this particular one he did last year.

JV recalled it vividly, “I may never forget, February 2019 I was invited to host a convention of a grocery chain in Davao, wherein the organizers is requiring me to at least impersonate Willie Revillame, they asked me to do opening number and facilitate games like how Mr. Revillame do it on his TV show, it was so challenging because I need to dance, but I was able to face this task, I manage to learn the choreography and face the crowd confident enough with so much joy in my heart, there are about 2000 senior citizens attended this event and I’m so happy I was able to put smile on their faces.”

For this guy, acting and hosting both play significant roles in his life. He considers his talents as opportunities and experiences given to shape him as a better and responsible individual that is able to provide for his family and inspire others to be good in their life as well.

A Wanderlust

In his spare time, JV loves catering to his wanderlust. He travels a lot and have been to very picturesque places such as the Maldives.

When asked where his first destination would be after the lockdown, he picked a location close to his heart.

“Nevertheless after this pandemic outbreak that we are facing right now, the first place that I will be visiting is the Sta. Clara Church in Katipunan to pray and express my love to our GOD that in spites of the challenges of life he guide us, protect us and continues to bless us.”

We admire you, JV! Keep on spreading good vibes and being a ray of light to people.

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