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Kim Baranda snatches attention with her classy aura

Kim Baranda snatches attention with her classy aura


Former Pinoy Big Brother ‘All-in’ housemate and daughter of famous female host Phoemela Baranda named Kim Nichole is now taking social media by storm with her presence! She’s got grace, hotness, and class which embodies the modern Filipina we admire.

Being born in her generation and introduced to the limelight at a very young age, Kim was exposed to the competitiveness of personalities in this industry. Taking this as a challenge, she emerged as one of the most-followed online as she never goes out of style, in all aspects. It can be observed that she has taken the gorgeous looks and body as her mom and we love that she’s not afraid to flaunt it.

Internet cutie

Currently, she’s keeping herself busy and her fans entertained with her cute TikTok videos which sometimes features fun moments with Phoemela. It’s obvious that the two are super close than ever and it seems to the audience that they act and appear like just sisters!

A socialite and a traveler, Kim grew herself a fan base with her awesome digital content. She interacts and connects with her supporters through stylish and smoking hot photos that captures any attention. If you’re not stanning her, then you are most probably missing out!

It’s a no-brainer why a lot are crushing on Kim as she’s really worth the hype.

Dynamic Duo

Ever since they were introduced as mother-daughter in a very controversial way, Kim and Phoemela have been inseparable as they make a really adorable duo. When side-by-side, they look almost identical in physique and attitude, which we admire!

Years ago, Phoemela first shared that Nichole is indeed her daughter in October 2013 in a TV interview. During that, Baranda also admitted that Nichole grew up thinking they were ust sisters, as she was raised by her maternal grandmother. Phoemela recalled then that the death of her mother urged her to finally fulfill her responsibilities to Nichole as a parent.

They are the testament that no issues or other’s opinion can shake and break the bond of family.

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