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‘More birthday tingzzz’: Elisse Joson shares post-birthday celebration photos

‘More birthday tingzzz’: Elisse Joson shares post-birthday celebration photos

After turning 26 last January 6, actress Elisse Joson shared some of her post-birthday celebration photos on her Instagram.

In one of her posts, she expressed her appreciation to the people who showered her with love and well wishes.

Feeling very blessed at 26 with the people who showered me with love and well wishes,” 

She also thanked the ‘love’ of her life, McCoy De Leon, for the gift and efforts he showed as she celebrated her birthday.

And to my love, thank you for the gift and for making me feel like I deserve the best❤️”

It’s raining swimsuit, petals, and sweets

Meanwhile, the actress shows off her ‘birthday suit’ wearing her one-piece swimsuit. In her recent post, she also shared her swimming moments with McCoy and their daughter Felize.

Elisse also posted some of the gifts she received, including the bouquet of flowers and the enchanting flower glass dome.

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Moreover, the vibrance of the cakes and sweets added glamour to her birthday celebration.

Channeling her birthday ego

On her birthday, she revealed her sultry photo, channeling her birthday ego.

Elisse’s blonde hair and sparkling dress definitely made her shine. Her birthday photoshoots have indeed created a statement that she’s a grown woman.

Some of the celebrities also greeted her, including Loisa Andalio, Jessy Mendiola- Manzano, and Mariel Padilla.

Cheers to a new year, Elisse! May your year be filled with loads of fun, excitement, and beautiful memories. Keep slaying!

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