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Celebrities’ new year’s resolutions for 2022 and what we can learn from them

Celebrities’ new year’s resolutions for 2022 and what we can learn from them


The year 2021 was a tough year for everyone because of disasters, pandemics, and personal problems alike. And because of that, wishing for a brighter and better year is inevitable and natural.

What better way to start the year than committing to a promise?

Take a look at these celebrities’ new year’s resolutions and try to learn from them! Who knows, maybe their resolutions are the same as yours. If you still don’t have one, this may be the chance for them to inspire you into having one for the year.

Solenn Heusaff

Huesaff and her family hope for a kinder 2022.

She wishes for everyone to “always lend a helping hand when you can, be kind, laugh when you need to laugh, cry when you need to cry, [and] be thankful.”

Kindness through small acts, laughter in random moments, and even sadness; really, it’s the small things in life that fill us with joy and contentment.

Anne Curtis

With a cute photo of her daughter Amelie, Curtis wishes for a better year for everyone around the world.

There is nothing better than wishing the best not only for one’s own self but also for others. What wise, empathic words from UNICEF Philippines National Ambassador!

Sarah Lahbati

Lahbati also took to Instagram to share her aspirations for the year 2022.

Having a fond farewell to the old and wishing for a brighter year ahead, she wishes for strength and good health for every family out there.

With how things are going with the start of the year, strength and good health really is needed.

Kim Chiu

Full of laughter and love, Chiu started the year with her family.

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She wishes for a better 2022 as well. “May this year bring more joy, more life, and more blessings for all of us,” she said.

Doug Kramer

Posting a picture of his entire family, Kramer took a different route with his resolution.

For 2022, rather than just focusing on the blessings, everyone should focus on the “Blesser” as well.

Looking closely, almost every resolution on the list is similar – a reminder that 2021, with all its problems and impacts, spared no one. For everyone’s resolutions, they all wished for a brighter tomorrow that’s full of grace and blessings.

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