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MWC Shanghai 2024: HONOR Unveils Industry’s First AI Defocus Eye Protection and AI Deepfake Detection

MWC Shanghai 2024: HONOR Unveils Industry’s First AI Defocus Eye Protection and AI Deepfake Detection

Debuted at MWC 2024, the latest HONOR features leverage hardware-level AI to relieve myopia and circumvent scams 

Global technology brand HONOR revealed two industry-leading on-device AI innovations created to empower individuals and introduce a new level of user safety. During its keynote at MWC Shanghai 2024, titled “The Human-AI Synergy: Intelligent Devices Will Empower People Better,” HONOR showcased its latest advancements in human-centric AI, AI Defocus Eye Protection and AI Deepfake Detection. During the keynote session, the brand also reiterated its focus on human-centric on-device AI and its belief in the potential for AI-enabled hardware to empower users by delivering tailored services while protecting user privacy.

Evolving Eye Protection Technology from Prevention to Relief

Introducing the latest advancements in eye-protection technology, HONOR launched AI Defocus Eye Protection at MWC Shanghai. Noting the global increase in cases of nearsightedness caused by long-term screen usage, this technology leverages AI to simulate defocus glasses on the smart device’s display.

Wearing defocus glasses is proven to be conducive to eye health as they intentionally induce controlled defocus in the user’s peripheral visual field to help maintain clear central vision. This effect creates an altered visual perception that slows down the eye elongation process, which leads to nearsightedness. HONOR’s AI Defocus Eye Protection takes eye protection from prevention to relief for consumers, decreasing users’ transient myopia by an average of 13 degrees after 25 minutes of reading, with some users experiencing a maximum reduction of 75 degrees.

Mitigating Fraud with AI Deepfake Detection

Circumventing the risks presented by cloud-based “deepfake” AI technology, HONOR has introduced AI Deepfake Detection. To help prevent fraud and detect digitally manipulated content, AI Deepfake Detection examines frame-by-frame information such as eye contact, lighting, image clarity, and video playback to identify flaws that are imperceptible to the human eyes.

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Additionally, a large dataset of videos and images related to online scams trained the AI Deepfake Detection. It also enables the AI to perform identification, screening, and comparison within three seconds.The feature immediately issues a risk warning to the user if it detects synthetic or altered content, deterring them from continued engagement with potential scammers for their safety.

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