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All troops deployed! Why do we like playing Mobile Legends?

All troops deployed! Why do we like playing Mobile Legends?

“Welcome to Mobile Legends! Five seconds until the enemy reaches the battlefield. Smash them! All troops deployed!”

The sound that comes after that statement always makes my heart skip a beat. The adrenaline, the determination, and the stress are all familiar feelings as I start moving the joystick to choose a lane. Whether it’s the top, bottom, or middle lane, there would always be something waiting for you. Whether it’s a group of minions quickly attacking your turret or an enemy waiting in the bush to ambush you, the feeling of excitement is the same with every game I play in Mobile Legends.

Why should you download Mobile Legends?

For others, it is a waste of time and productivity. However, there is a reason why so many Filipino players are addicted to this game. I’ll prove it to you by stating why.

First of all, Mobile Legends is a 5v5 game that you can play together with your friends.

You can be teammates or enemies, chat through text or voice chat. Moreover, you tease each other as you playfully do counter-attacks in team fights.

Like COD BR, you can assign roles to your friends. Whether their main heroes would be tanks, marksmen, or mages, there is always a variety. You never get bored of playing as different heroes.

In ML, you do more. You farm and earn money to buy items faster (equivalent to getting loot). You help your teammates in team fights, kill the Lord, destroy turrets, and explore your skills and powers. ML requires a lot more strategy. ML trains you to be a quick decision-maker.

Second of all, there is nothing like the feeling of getting an MVP or triple kills, maniacs, or savages in Mobile Legends. You fight to the death. Did I mention that you can die many times in a match?

Furthermore, Mobile Legends validates you as you act and think like your hero.

You claim his or her skills and powers to be your own. As you learn the ropes, you earn money to buy more heroes, emblems (to make your hero stronger), and skins.

Mobile Legends also has a tendency to keep you on your toes as each match really absorbs you. You feel all of your life’s problems melting away as you delve into the world of Layla and her gunning tactics as you try to kill an enemy and escape from the backup enemies. Your adrenaline shoots up, especially when it’s a ranked game and you know that you have to grind for that star. Your hands move faster, you think faster, and well, you talk faster as you rapidly shout at your teammates to pull themselves together.

Nothing satisfies you more than winning battles, destroying turrets, getting MVPs, moving up in ranks, and playing with your friends.

The best part of it is that there are always different modes you can try, and learning in this game will never stop.

It is a fun activity that also serves as bonding with your friends in the virtual world. It starts with one game, and before you know it, you’ve gone on a matching streak for hours!

Oh, but I have to warn you, there are a lot of bullies online in Mobile Legends.

Filipinos bully fellow gamers online for nonsensical reasons. It’s actually the hamartia of Mobile Legends. The one fatal flaw- its toxic community. We mute them in order to avoid distractions. When you play this game, we always remember to be kind. Everyone plays for a reason, and we don’t know what people are going through. Play this game with a tough mind but a kinder heart.

I know we play games to be stress-free. However, more often than not, ML will make your hair fall out even more! But it’s still an enjoyable experience. ML is really special to me. Whenever I need a break from the despair of life, I turn to Angela, my support in the game and in real life.

All in all, if you’re looking for something new this quarantine, try Mobile Legends! The Land of Dawn is waiting for you! It’s always waiting for you.

Add me on Mobile Legends and let’s play together! ID: 284657863 (3585)

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