Mindanao’s first VR Theme Park and Arcade, Sploop!

Sploop! is the first Virtual Reality (VR) theme park and arcade in Mindanao. Giving patrons and visitors a unique interactive gaming experience within all of Mindanao. Bring your friends and/or family to Sploop! to experience reality like never before.

Photo Credits | Facebook: Sploop

Mindanao’s first VR Theme Park and Arcade, Sploop!

Sploop! Is located at Lot 1-E 26 Ecoland, 2000 Dacon Complex, Davao City. Within the vicinity of SM Ecoland and Chillax Café & Bar.


Photo Credits | Facebook: Sploop

Before entering the building, there is a cashier outside where you pay for individual rides or their provided passes. Inclusive is PHP 200 off any purchase at the café inside.

Activities and rides

Photo Credits | Facebook: Sploop

There are two floors in the building. On the first floor, they have an interactive playground perfect for children with 5 available activities for only PHP 199 per hour. Here, they also have 13 different VR rides available for children and adults like the submarine, airplane, and magic box. Each ride ranges from PHP 100 to PHP 200 per ride. On the second floor, there are 6 activities available for two and/or more people. Here, you can find the VR escape room, FPS arena, and VR sniper among other rides. They are a lot pricier than on the first floor, ranging from PHP 150 to PHP 250 per ride.

I recommend wearing contact lenses if you rely on your glasses to be able to see like me. Especially since a lot of VR headsets could not be adjusted to your current eyesight and tend to fog up the glasses, dulling the VR experience.

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On both floors, they have crane games with plushies or candy up for grabs. Here, you can win a small plushie of their mascot, Sploop, an orange poop with glasses, cat ears, and a tail. Otherwise, buy some of their merchandise instead located on the first floor near the entrance.

The Café

Photo Credits | Reimeline Jasil Sayson

After breaking a sweat in the arcade and rides, take a break at the café. They have everything from chicken and beef dishes to desserts and pizzas. Their café does not serve pork at all so if that is something you want to avoid, this might just be the place for you to relax with your friends.

Sploop! is open Monday to Sunday, from 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM. For more information and inquiries, visit their Facebook page.

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