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Club Kalee gives your OOTD that extra dazzle to slay day and night!

Club Kalee gives your OOTD that extra dazzle to slay day and night!

There’s a convincing justification behind the beaded bag’s resurgence. Since It lifts any outfit with a sprinkle that is equal parts chic and dreamy. Everybody can wear the pattern this season, so I set out to track down this particular brand that offers beaded bags available. Moving along, Club Kalee is something for you to keep an eye out for to supplement your next OOTD!

Your Day or Night go-to bag!

Growing up, Alex Escaño the owner of Club Kalee, knew she wanted to have a business of her own. Also love the idea of selling her products one day. Just a back story, at the beginning of the pandemic (around June 2020) she opened her first small business on Instagram— @shopalesca. Wherein she became a personal shopper by accepting pre-orders from brands that weren’t available in the Philippines at the time.

However, she closed the shop 8 months later because although she was already earning a pretty decent amount of money. Losing passion for it because the products that were selling didn’t seem personal to her.

The love for unique, vintage-looking pieces that could instantly spice up an outfit is the inspiration for the brand. One night, she was scrolling on Pinterest looking for outfit inspiration pegs as per usual and came upon a pin of a beaded bag. As a result, she started gathering more inspiration to create designs exclusive to Club Kalee, and then later on sourced materials and people to bring these designs to life.

Just like any other business owner, to feel happy, satisfied, and confident whenever they use their club Kalee bags. However, apart from that, feeling to have a personal touch on her products.

Alex’s personal touch in Club Kalee was naming the bags after very important and close people in her life. The 4s in her very first collection: Vol. 1 is named after her 4 closest friends. Millie (Millie bag), Alecz (Beatriz bag), Kayla (Anya bag,) and Isa (Isabella bag).

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In addition, the bags are also inspired by their personalities! What’s funny is when she showed them the bags they were immediately able to guess which one was named after who. And to her family and other friends who might be possibly reading this, don’t worry!! You guys will have bags named and inspired by you as well!

What’s next for Club Kalee?

While I’m still very much overwhelmed by the support I am getting since I launched back in May 2022, I do want to explore more opportunities for the business. I want to create more collections that are very much meaningful to me and my consumers. Maybe create products outside of bags in the future who knows? I don’t have specific plans for the future just yet, but I do want to explore and try every opportunity that comes along the way, learn new things and grow together with my business.

Alex Escaño

These bags are definitely a go-to bag for all occasions, for people who wanna serve high- fashion and that dazzle. Now, what are you all guys waiting for! Visit their Instagram, account to order by clicking here! Lastly, they also offer an order form, since their pieces are made to order. To learn more about the process click here!

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