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The long wait is over, Star City is coming back!

The long wait is over, Star City is coming back!


Yes, you heard it right! Star City is finally reopening its doors next week, bringing a fresh and even brighter season of fun and laughter.

This beloved weekend and holiday destination had to face a yearlong rehabilitation effort after a fire engulfed the amusement park in 2019 and subsequently, halted any possible operations due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now with the news of its return, many Filipinos will surely create brand-new memories while sparking an old tradition.

Happiness awaits

After the fire incident, the amusement park remained quiet, pushing through with its rehabilitation phase.

It wasn’t until December of last year when Star City’s official social media pages posted something very promising.

They uploaded a photo featuring a glistening gift box with a star rising above it along with the caption “2022”.

This began a series of teasers until recently when Star City officially made the announcement, stating its soft opening on January 14.

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Ticket and Schedule Information

Ready to unwind? Well here are things you should first know before heading over.

Open every day from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m., tickets will be available at the gates of the amusement park. Its introductory price will start at 400 pesos.

If you, however, plan to purchase it online, you might have to wait a while longer. Currently working on their website, Star City will be releasing updates soon.

For any further announcements and information, you may follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


The fire might have changed Star City in some ways but one thing is certain, it is and will always be someone’s happy place.

The special moments it will bring to family and friends once the door opens will never be devoured because at Star City, Masaya dito!

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