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Study Hacks: 3 Note-Taking Strategies to Get Higher Grades

Study Hacks: 3 Note-Taking Strategies to Get Higher Grades

Note-taking offers the best way to learn and, of course, pass the exams. Do you know why? Because it keeps you awake! A way to keep your attention in class and influence learning. Listening and taking notes before and after the discussions will bring you to life and lead you to a good and desired result in class and exams.

Study Hacks: 3 Note-Taking Strategies to Get Higher Grades

Get in the habit of reading

We need to value and practice reading, especially in the modules provided. We can also call it advance reading. Once you have the module, read it right away to get an idea of ​​what the study flow will be about the module given to you. Having advanced knowledge, not just memorizing.

Also, you already know which part of the module you are studying. You know what information the module contains, and then you can comfortably answer the questions. In short, you can easily pick up your lesson and instantly advance your knowledge about this module by note-taking what you read.

Taking notes of keywords that mention during discussions

Some professors or teachers will have encounters that what they say during discussions is what will appear in the exam. Most of the time, we have no idea in our exam how it flows. Get in the habit of writing and listening well, and give value to every word stated by professors and teachers. Let’s not just be satisfied with the content of the modules, and of course, with those who teach us.

I mean, especially if you don’t know how to give your professors or teachers an exam. That’s the first thing you have to look at, what they use in the exam and the contents of the modules. Or maybe the keywords they say will appear in the exam? That will be the reason you can easily pass the exam because that’s what you listen to and practice while in class. Of course, that also takes advantage.

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Used any kind of note-taking system

The Cornell Note-Taking System. One that you can use to organize your notes properly. You can do it when you have time because it consumes time, but it’s worth it because each of our notes will be in order.

We will gather our notes arranged in each row or column because it has its column where the keywords etc. Give value to note-taking to be visually organized then we can easily understand them.

Note-taking is not just for you to pass the exam or to get higher grades, but of course, it is also for your knowledge. It’s up to you if you want to achieve higher grades because it’s always your choice. But, if you want to pass the exam and also be a good and diligent student, put these strategies into practice.

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