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Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Relationship with Your S.O.

Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Relationship with Your S.O.

Whether or not you have been dating your significant other for a few months or you have been married for many years, a healthy relationship is built from commitment, mutual respect, and effort. Although you probably felt an effortless spark when you met, it takes work to maintain it as your relationship develops. Although every relationship is different, you can always improve your bond, friendship, and intimacy.

So, here are six simple things you can do to improve your relationship with your significant other:

Comprehension is key in every relationship.

Although communication is key, comprehension is the determining factor of success. You can talk and talk and talk. However, if you don’t understand each other, you won’t get any far in improvement. It’s nice to ask how your partner’s day went. However, it doesn’t feel as special when you ask the same thing every day. Ask new questions like how did you feel about that? or what do you prefer doing at work instead? Avoid going through a routine and more intently to each other. That way, you can have more meaningful discussions. 

Date nights are a must for every relationship.

You and your partner definitely have busy schedules and nonstop responsibilities. However, the most foolproof way to guarantee to have time for each other includes setting a night every month. That way, you can dedicate time to strengthening your connection and reigniting that spark. Setting a date gives off that excitement of spending time with them. 

Saying thank you to your significant other.

Sometimes, we get so comfortable that we expect our partners to meet all of our needs. Of course, this includes how they treat us or the chores around the house. Saying a simple thank you enforce good behavior and makes them feel appreciated. It also helps you remember why you loved them. Aside from that, it also expresses gratitude for them being in your life. A simple thank you shows how much they mean to you and not just what they do for you. 

Remembering the small things is also a must.

This one is the hardest for me. Remembering is very hard, especially since I’m a very forgetful person. However, remembering the small things add meaning to your conversation. It also shows you truly listen to what they say. Bringing up those little things again in the future. If your partner mentions how much they want to buy something, take note of it.

Then, you can gift it to them for a birthday or an anniversary coming up. If they want to try a restaurant they haven’t gone to, you can suggest it to them for their next date. Or, maybe surprise them with takeout from the said restaurant. The fact that you pay attention makes them feel loved and shows them how much you care about them. 

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Affection goes a long way.

Personally, physical touch goes a long way in keeping romance and connection alive in long-term relationships. However, there are different ways of showing affection. Giving them full attention, anticipating their needs, knowing their love language, making time, and making eye contact are different ways of showing affection. Aside from that, you can also cheer them on, ask them what they want, and so much more. 

Learning about their boundaries and respecting them.

Every person has a different boundary. Knowing your partner’s boundaries helps you from stopping them from crossing them. Do they want to be left alone when they feel upset? Or, do they mind that you text them all day long? Do they want you to call them when you’re apart at night?

Your partner’s needs remain most likely different from yours. Knowing their boundaries become the best way to respect them. Have deep and meaningful conversations. That way, you can also explain your boundaries to them. So, pay attention and ask questions to understand them more. 

Personally, these things work for me and my relationship with my six-year long-time boyfriend. How about you? Are there any things that you do that improve your relationship with your significant other?

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