Kylie Padilla, Han So Hee could be twins — their resemblance is just uncanny

The popularity of South Korean revenge series A World of Married Couple has grown exponentially over the past weeks. In fact, the psychological drama starring Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon is currently the highest-rated cable TV drama in South Korea, and has been receiving rave reviews online from Filipino fans. Aside from the two lead stars, there is one actress in the said series who really caught the attention of the televiewers. She is Han So Hee, who plays the role of the young & beautiful mistress Yeo Da Kyung. Her exceptional performance is earning good reviews from critics and good feedback from netizens across Asia.

Meanwhile,  jTBC recently announced that the remaining eight episodes of the series will be rated-19. Initially, only the first six episodes were rated as suitable only for adults, but concerns of violent and provocative scenes were raised as the series continued.

Well, apart from her performance, Filipinos have noticed So Hee’s uncanny resemblance to GMA Network actress Kylie Padilla.

Let’s take a look, you’ll be the judge!

Kylie and So Hee have expressive, Chinita eyes!

@ExpensiveWinner | Twitter

@ExpensiveWinner | Twitter

Simple looks for Kylie and So Hee

@xeesoxee | Instagram


Look at those smiles!

@mkqua | Instagram

@xeesoxee | Instagram

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