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Hail to the Emperors & Empresses of the Fashion Styling Industry

Hail to the Emperors & Empresses of the Fashion Styling Industry


The entire Fashion Industry has succumbed to the ill-effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Even the fashion gods can’t escape its wrath, and those who have been greatly affected are its fashion stylists, the so-called Image Makers. Their role is crucial to the career of our fave celebs as one wrong styling can make or break their career or a fashion disaster worthy of the tabloid front page.

If this industry revolves around being updated with fashion trends during pre-corona, this time the piece of clothing that truly matters is the PPE. We wonder how our top picks’ creativity can put into test in styling those hazmats. Who would have thought that this gear can be considered priceless?

This dire situation has canceled shows and events which are the bread and butter of these freelancers. Since social distancing is the new normal, projects will surely be far and few for them. The once too hectic schedule of these artists has gone downhill since. There are reports that the payments for shoots and events for some of the freelance stylists have been on hold as well by some agencies to their dismay.

To lift their spirits up, all we can do is to acknowledge their tremendous effort to glam up our most favorite stars, the creatives behind the most iconic looks of our local celebs.

Instead of being defeated by this utter chaos, we choose to celebrate them. This is to inspire the entire community who’s struggling, by honoring the cream of the crop. To motivate them that they can also reach greater heights once we go back to normal just like what these veterans have accomplished.

We’ve done this before with our Fashion Gods article during the early start of the year. This time we’d like to honor the other half of our top picks, the Emperors and Empresses of the local Fashion Styling Industry. Since they make the stars look noble, it’s worthy to recognize them as royalty. Scroll further to see our choice and let us know your thoughts.

Bang Pineda

Known for his #styledwithabang, he truly knows how to make iconic fashion statements. He’s behind some of the memorable looks of Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez and Popstar Royalty, Sarah Geronimo.

IG Account: @bangpineda

Rain Dagala & Em Millan

Two heads are better than one, and this power duo’s fashion styling has been creating shockwaves in the past. Known for their shared passion for fashion, they have since created show-stopping looks for the likes of Maymay Entrata, Bianca Gonzales, and the Queen herself, Pia Wurtzbach.

IG Accounts: @teamRAINxEM  @rainierdagala @emmillan

Kat Cruz-Villanueva

Kat’s style has been chic, sexy, and classy which has always been on point. For that reason alone, she’s well-deserved to be on our list. Her muses include Angel Locsin and Heart Evangelista.

IG Account: @iamkatrinacruz

Kim and Boop Yap

These power siblings are considered as giants and are two of the most recognizable names in the industry with the most adored A-listers under their wing, Kris Aquino and Kathryn Bernardo to name a few.

IG Accounts: @kimiyap @boopyap

Rex Atienza

Rex loves to experiment with tailored pieces and is not afraid to take risks. This trademark has placed him on the pedestal of fashion styling. His aesthetic is well-loved by some of our most bankable stars like Bea Alonzo, Alden Richards, and Maja Salvador.

IG Account: @rexatienza

Ton Lao

Ton gained a lot of popularity and traction after supporting the Miss Universe campaign of Catriona Gray. Their duo can’t be denied after she snatched the coveted crown. This only proves that his styling is top notch and world class.

IG Account: Ton Lao

P.S. We know that the fashion styling industry is full of talented creatives. Let us know your thoughts if our choice matches yours. Should you want to check the other half of our top picks, here’s the link.



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