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‘Real revenge’ is coming in the next episodes of ‘The World of the Married’

‘Real revenge’ is coming in the next episodes of ‘The World of the Married’

South Korean TV series ‘The World of the Married’ has started to gain more and more attention not just in their country but across Asia. The revenge-psychological-drama centers in the life of married couple Ji Sun Woo, a medical doctor, Lee Tae Oh, an aspiring movie director. The husband’s betrayal leads to a whirlwind of revenge — and it’s weirdly disturbing.

More revenge is coming

In the latest episodes, the couple has ended their relationship with a divorce. Tae Oh, the cheating husband is now married with his then mistress Yeo Da Kyung, while Sun Woo is still trying to move on from a failed marriage.

In an interview with the lead cast, Kim Hee-ae, who plays Sun-woo in the drama, hinted that the next episodes will showcase ‘more revenge’ plot.

“There will be some elements through which we could look back on our lives through the drama,” she said.

On the other hand, Park Hae-joon, who takes up the role as Tae-oh, expressed his gratitude to everyone who are following their story.

“I did not expect so many people would watch (the drama). It is a genre drama and the first few episodes were also rated R. The huge love (from viewers) still feels unreal, but I feel it is like a gift for all the people who have really tried our best for the drama,” Kim said.

Best Scene, so far

In its sixth episode, considered as one of the best episodes so far, featured a disturbing scene between Sun Woo and Tae Oh. Both actors described their feelings while shooting the said scene, where Sun-woo induces Tae-oh to hit her in front of their son.

“It was a perfect moment made together in the perfect harmony of the script, the actors and all the staff members,” Kim explained.

“While the first part of the drama was a race toward the sixth episode, the latter part would be another race towards the 12th episode,” Kim added, hinting that another climax in both the story and her acting is about to come.

Meanwhile,  jTBC recently announced that the remaining eight episodes of the series will be rated-19. Initially, only the first six episodes were rated as suitable only for adults, but concerns of violent and provocative scenes were raised as the series continued.

“We have decided on the over-19 ratings of the videos to portray the heightening tension among the characters more realistically,” JTBC said through a statement.

The Friday-Saturday series helmed by producer Mo Wan-il is based on the BBC television series “Doctor Foster.”

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