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Level up your room aesthetic with these handcrafted mirrors

Level up your room aesthetic with these handcrafted mirrors


If you’re looking for artisan mirrors, here’s the newest Instagrammable mirror from Furi Home in collaboration with graphic artist Nona Amoncio. The handcrafted collection itself consist of unique shapes and medium size mirrors with the painting of Nona.

The pieces are made to order since they are crafted and painted by Furi Home. Its sole purpose is by giving a unique, affordable and fashionable hand crafted mirrors. The brand itself aims to support local craftsman, artists, and resources.

Photo From Furi Home (Facebook)

Each piece is made extra special as it is customized and personalized just for you. The mirror comes with a wooden stand and you can you also have the choice to hang it on you wall.

Photo From Furi Home (Facebook)

The collection has seven different shapes and it comes in two sizes. They have the Egg mirror which actually shaped like an egg, then the traditional Arch mirror. The Pebble mirror for its stone-like shape, then the Bean mirror that gives the impression of a bean.

Price of each mirror varies depending on the size, shape, and its wooden stand. You could check their mirrors online in their website: furihome.com and Instagram page @furihome.ph.

Do you want these aesthetic mirrors in your room? Make sure to add these to you cart this weekend!

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