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Keyboards Addict: A review of RK61

Keyboards Addict: A review of RK61

Royal Kludge (RK) is a new company led by a team of passionate gamers in 2015. They aim to build the perfect mechanical keyboard. RK61 is one of their earliest creation of a mechanical keyboard that keeps up with gamers’ intense gameplay. Today, RK61 is among the top-rated 60% keyboard highlighting its durability, responsiveness, and customizable features.

RK61 Mechanical Keyboard | Thania Florendo

Today, we will look closely to know what makes this keyboard outstanding and preferred.

What’s in the box

The package comes with a rubber USB-C power cable the same color as the keyboard. Additionally, it has a wire keycap puller to switch out keycaps when needed. It is certainly a dibs rather than a plastic one because it does not damage the keycaps. It also comes with a manual to guide new users. Lastly, there is an extra five pieces of switches as a replacement for any malfunctioning switches.

RK61 Mechanical Keyboard | Thania Florendo

Features of the keyboard

It is a compact 60% mechanical keyboard that has wireless connectivity. The build quality is one of the best bets for a cheap compact keyboard. It is a bit heavy with slim rims adding a sleek impact and is perfect for casual gamers or professionals looking for a handy and tiny board. Also, it is easy to carry around or bring into the office. Its compact design gives more minimalist vibes to any setup.

Build Quality of the keyboard

It is built with a hot-swappable printed circuit board that is flexible to swap out on other switches. The switches and keycaps are customizable for a more fun typing experience. Moreover, RK61 is available in two colorways: black and white. It has an RGB backlit effect that makes it more exciting. It has 17 different lighting effects and nine different color modes. The brightness is adjustable depending on your liking. The keycaps are in the OEM profile, which means that it has a different height and are angled differently. Furthermore, the flexibility it offers creates comfortable typing and better gaming with your team.

The Keycaps

Unfortunately, the keycaps on this keyboard are unlike high-quality PBT keycaps. It is made of double-shot ABS plastic keycaps showcasing clear legends. When the lighting effects are used, the legends are illuminated nicely. Eventually, ABS keycaps do not fade but get shiny over time. Considerably, since it is an affordable entry-level keyboard, its keycaps do not disappoint.

The stabilizers

The stabilizers are good but noticeably unstable. The spacebar has a hollow sound, but you can try to modify it personally. For its price point, it is unlikely to have a perfectly stable keyboard. RK61 outweighs the unstableness of the stabilizers, thus leaving a plausible and satisfying feel on your fingers.

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RK61 Mechanical Keyboard | Thania Florendo

The switches

The switches are available in red, brown, or blue. RK Red switches are linear: smooth and pretty quiet. RK Brown switches are tactile: bumpy press but not too loud. While RK Blue switches are clicky and loud.

RK61 with red switch
RK61 Mechanical Keyboard | Thania Florendo

Wireless Connectivity

One of the greatest features of the Royal Kludge RK61 is its Bluetooth capabilities. It can be paired up to three devices and can be cycled quickly. It is compatible with Windows, Mac. and even phones or tablets. This ability offers convenience that saves time.

The Verdict

Compared to other mechanical keyboards, RK61 does not have kickstands. Its on/off switch is at the back, which is a bit hassle to turn on and off. However, these issues are not major and do not demerit the overall performance. It is undeniable that this keyboard lived up to my expectations. Its features may not be the highest quality, but they function nicely.

RK61 Mechanical Keyboard | Thania Florendo

The performance and capabilities are plausible and stand out from its competitors. Its tiny and solid build is reliable, which makes it a worthy purchase for the price of 2,099 pesos.

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