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Mechanical Keyboards – Most Affordable Edition

Mechanical Keyboards – Most Affordable Edition

Mechanical keyboards are a must-have if you’re a person who’s always in front of their PCs. They are better for typing than an ordinary keyboard because they have switches that register every single press of a key. It has a variety of auditory feedback, tactile feedback, and force to activate the switch, which gives you a more defined typing experience.

This type of keyboard also lasts longer than the usual membrane keyboards that are only good for 5 to 10 million presses. The mechanical keyboard, on the other side, is good for 100 million presses, making them more durable and worth it in the long run. Here are some of the most affordable mechanical keyboards available in the Philippines.

Most Affordable Mechanical Keyboards in the Market


Shopee |

The KDA61 is a mechanical keyboard proudly made here in the Philippines. Its price is about 1000 PHP, only 60% in size. That means it does not have the keyboard’s number pad, F, and arrow keys. It has a rainbow light effect with its keycaps and is black in the majority. This model suits beginners in mechanical keyboards as it has an excellent quality despite its affordable price. You can also customize the keycaps of KDA61.

AK33 from AJAZZ

Shopee |

A more expensive board is AK33 which is 75% in size. It has a compact layout with the arrow and F keys, minus the Print Screen key. It displays a red color lighting and is only available in black. This model is a good steal if you’re looking for a TKL-kind keyboard that has no spaces and is compact-looking for 1400 PHP. If the print screen key weren’t an issue, you would want to check this board out.

Best of Gigaware

K880 from GIGAWARE

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Shopee | yearn_ch

For only 800 PHP, you can buy yourself a mechanical keyboard that’s 100% in size and has a rainbow lighting effect in its keycaps. Available in white and black, this mechanical keyboard is a basic one that’s good for newbies. It doesn’t cost much but gives off a quality performance still. Modifiable as well, like the KDA61. However, its screws might make it harder for you to do so since it is a 100% model.

K550 from GIGAWARE

Shopee |

Another model from Gigaware of the same price as K880 is K550. This board is probably one of Gigaware’s most famous models because it’s the only TKL keyboard that is this affordable. TKL or tenkeyless keyboards are the ones that do not have the number keys, famously used in esports gaming. Another exciting factor about K550 is that it is a hot-swappable keyboard. This feature means its users can easily change the switches using a switch puller. It no longer requires soldering or engineering skills. This model is available in white, black, and blue and has a rainbow lighting effect.

Whether you’re going for the cheapest or the most expensive mechanical keyboard, always make sure that you choose the one that fits your needs and style. This type of keyboard is already of a higher quality than the usual ones, so it’s really up to you which model you would get for yourself.

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