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Barbie Imperial and Diego Loyzaga celebrate their first anniversary as a couple

Barbie Imperial and Diego Loyzaga celebrate their first anniversary as a couple

In the midst of controversy and snarky remarks, celebrity couple Barbie Imperial and Diego Loyzaga continue to prove that their relationship is shatterproof.

December 11 marks their first anniversary as a couple. On an Instagram post, the 23-year old actress posted a series of photos along with a sweet message to her boyfriend Diego.

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‘Thankful’ for Diego

Barbie expressed how grateful she is for Diego’s efforts to make her happy.

As she mentioned, since the day they met, the 26-year old actor never stopped showing his unconditional love and care for her.

“Happy first anniversary, mahal! 🖤 Since the day we met you’ve never stopped showing me how much you love me, how much you care for me. I am so thankful for you. You know how to make me happy (and make me bwisit loool),”

Photo courtesy: Barbie Imperial’s Instagram account

Moreover, every deed is appreciated. Even the “random” ways to shower her with love.

“I am thankful for when you cook food for me, when you surprise me, when you feed me burgers & fries, your gifts and all the random ways you shower me with love,”

Teaching her to love herself more

Furthermore, Barbie revealed the best thing Diego has ever done — to teach her how to love herself more.

She shared how Diego taught her a myriad of things in life.

“You taught me so many things in life that no one has ever told me about. You taught me how to be strong. How to be okay even when I’m alone,”

Photo courtesy: Barbie Imperial’s Instagram account

But, most importantly, their relationship made her feel and believe that she is enough and perfect.

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She added, she realized that there’s so much about reality, underlining that there’s more magic in it than fantasy.

Recalling their first photo

In the posted series of photos, Barbie included their first-ever photo together. She also shared what’s behind the cutesy stolen shot.

“PS. Last photo is our first photo together. Nagpapa masahe kasi ako tumabi ka sakin 🙈😝”

Photo courtesy: Barbie Imperial’s Instagram account

Meanwhile, Diego replied to the post. He emphasized that he will always be there for Barbie as a partner, partner in crime, best friend, and lover.

“Awww baby kong nag effort sa post and caption. I love you, mahal. One year down and ♾ to go. You’ll always have me as your partner, partner in crime, your best friend and your lover. Madami pa ako gustong sabihin pero wala na akong caption nyan sa post ko 🤣 i love you baby kooow!!! Thank you 🥺”

Happy anniversary, Barbie and Diego! Cheers to more years of sweet and magical moments together!

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