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INSTAGRAM RAID: Billy Crawford and baby Amari’s cutest moments

INSTAGRAM RAID: Billy Crawford and baby Amari’s cutest moments

Father and son’s precious moments will always be engraved in every parent’s heart. When a man becomes a father, the joy and love will always be beyond the clouds. Indeed, expecting a child for the first time will be another chapter for every couple. It will be another story that resonates with being a family.

Celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia experienced such when their first child was born. However, being a parent amid a pandemic is another struggle to carry on. But, with strong support, Coleen was able to give birth to their son baby Amari via waterbirth. Meanwhile, Billy, as a loving husband, supports his wife and expresses gratefulness to her for being brave.

Since the birth of baby Amari, the couple always documents their happy and funny moments with him. On their respective Instagram accounts, the couple shares videos and adorable photos of their precious child. 

But, the cutest thing we’ve found are moments between Billy and baby Amari.

Take a look at these cutest moments we’ve found!

A father and son bond will always be adorable and hilarious. Billy believes baby Amari will be a great athlete someday as he smiles at the camera with his dad being hit by his elbows in the face.

“My son will be a very good athlete, I’m pretty darn sure of it! #sapul.” he captioned. 

When it comes to fruits, baby Amari seems to have a small problem with watermelon. Billy shared a video wherein his son seems to be taking a dislike to the fruit and just plays with it.

“Amari vs Watermelon” he hilariously captioned. 

A parents’ joy seeing their child laughing and smiling will always be priceless. Billy shared an adorable video of him playing with baby Amari.

You think you’re happy Amari? Trust me, mommy and daddy couldn’t be happier to see you healthy and always joyful. We love you so much our little angel.” he captioned.

Well, kulit moments needs to be posted too, just like how adorable this dad and son’s photo looks. Celebrating five months and having the same kulit pose is just another adorable moment that should be treasured.

A smiling selfie with baby Amari cures a gloomy day! This cute snap Billy shared will surely take your put a smile on your face too.

What do you think about Billy and Amari’s father-son relationship? Do you have any father-son moments to share?

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