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If I Knew Then: Do you believe in fate?

If I Knew Then: Do you believe in fate?

Elizabeth Galit aka Beth G is a self-published author. She wrote the book If I Knew Then. It had been three years since the book’s initial publication. However, Beth still recalls the euphoria that overcame her. It required effort, sleepless nights, and late-night coffee sessions more than any other book that she had written. That’s why she holds If I Knew Then in a special place in her heart.

If I Knew Then: Do you believe in fate?

A photo of Nathan Hill’s wife, Nicole Hill, appears on the cover of If I Knew Then.

The book pays homage to Nicole, her friend from high school who has served as the author’s official beta reader ever since she decided to publish independently. When Beth was a teen, the majority of her stories focused on her, her crushes, and the people she despised. Because the author believes that Spanish-speaking men are smart and attractive, Rafa, the chef in the book, is half-Spanish and is based on a crush on a famous person. When the French chef Erwan translated a Miss Universe question into English, Beth started picturing him as Rafa because he is also a hot love interest.

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Readers can follow Beth on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @bethgstories in order to stay up to date on her progress on these platforms.

The book holds a special place in her heart because it required a great deal of effort and is a tribute to Nicole, a friend from high school. Both print and digital versions are available for purchase on Amazon for readers in the Philippines. Readers can follow the author on social media to stay up to date as she works to make print copies accessible everywhere.

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