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Feel the breeze and escape to these alfresco cafes in Naga City

Feel the breeze and escape to these alfresco cafes in Naga City

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Well, if you’re from Naga City or somewhere in Bicol, you might want to try these alfresco cafes that offer great food, coffee, and a relaxing ambiance.

Feel the breeze and escape to these alfresco cafes in Naga City

Photo: Arco Diez Cafe on Facebook

Arco Diez Cafe

This alfresco cafe is located in Pacol, Naga City. Aside from their specialty coffee, they offer a wide range of food selections, from rice meals to snacks. Their exterior is designed as a bahay kubo which gives a very homey and relaxing atmosphere. They strive to become the pride of Bicolandia through their delectable homemade dishes and quality specialty coffee. Aside from that, they also offer coffee workshops where you can learn more about coffee. You can check them out here.

Pin Cafe

Spend your time here at Pin Cafe if you want sunset, a scenic spot, or just a breeze of the cold air. Located in Pacol, Naga City, this garden cafe not only offers great food and coffee but also beautiful scenery. They even have their Pincycles where you can ride while enjoying the view. Also, there are a lot of Instagram-worthy corners, so make sure to take lots of pictures here! Aside from plants and flowers, they have a small fish pond and parrots too!

Km.eight coffee

This Instagram-worthy cafe has a minimalist-inspired theme. The indoor dining is quite small but they have an alfresco area for guests who prefer outdoor seating. Perfect for people who just want to chill, relax, and enjoy their cup of coffee. Aside from coffee, they offer rice meals, pasta, snacks, desserts, and some pastries.

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Cafe RoSa

Located inside Happy Beetle Farms, Cafe RoSa features some of the farm’s produce on its menu. They also offer an extensive selection of appetizing food and drinks. They give their customers a two-in-one experience with their farm and cafe in one! So, if you’re into nature but also want to relax and eat good food; then definitely visit this place!

Plan your weekend getaway and immerse yourself in nature in these alfresco cafes in Naga City. Of course, don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself if you happen to visit any of these beautiful places.

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