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Hydrate and let your skin glow with Blackwater Women Desire Perfume Lotion!

Hydrate and let your skin glow with Blackwater Women Desire Perfume Lotion!

For the longest time, I hated wearing lotion. I know it hydrates and moisturizes my skin but most lotions that I would see in the market have skin-whitening properties. Meanwhile, most that don’t would feel sticky as the day progresses. Although I did find a few that cater to my concern, it costs a little too much for such a little bottle. So, when I received the package from Blackwater Women with their Desire Perfume Lotion inside I was more than happy to try it out.

Hydrate and let your skin glow with Blackwater Women Desire Perfume Lotion!

In case you didn’t know, Blackwater has a Deo Spray for Women that comes in six clean scents ranging from powder fresh aromas to seductive floral-green notes. This help keeps users’ underarms and body protected from odor-causing germs, thanks to its anti-bacterial formula leaving users feeling fresh and confident especially when they need it the most. 

They have the scent Desire which has become their best-selling fragrance. It also has a fresh scent with hints of orange, lily, and rose. And, Blackwater Women has finally released the same scent in lotion. It will surely make users smell like a baby, hydrating one’s skin, and leaving it glowing, radiant, and incredibly soft. 

Aside from that, the lotion also has three skincare ingredients that everybody needs. These include the following:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important for skin health. Clinic studies demonstrate that it can improve wrinkles and daily use of the formulation for at least three months will improve the appearance of fine and coarse wrinkles. Aside from that, it is also said to improve overall skin texture and appearance.

Meanwhile, it has become a great antioxidant as it fights harmful free radicals that come in contact with your skin. These include external sources like air pollution among others. Vitamin C also improves dark spots with very little irritation or side effects. More studies have also confirmed the brightening effects of the ingredients. 


Overall, this ingredient can help build proteins in the skin and lock in moisture to prevent environmental damage. It helps build keratin, keeping skin firm and healthy. Aside from that, it also minimizes redness and blotchiness as it reduces inflammation.

It also minimizes pore appearance, regulates oil, and protects against sun damage as it rebuilt healthy skin cells while protecting the skin from UV damage. Research has found that niacinamide also helps in treating hyperpigmentation and lightens dark spots while evening out skin tone. 

Sun Filter

Sun filters are essential ingredients that protect skin from sun damage. It also prevents the risks of skin cancer such as melanoma, as well as sunburn, premature aging of the skin, and the appearance of spots. Each sun filter provides a specific type of protection, which is why sunscreen products are usually composed of a combination of filters to ensure the broadest protection. 

Testing out Blackwater Women Desire Perfume Lotion

As mentioned above, I have a few concerns when it comes to buying lotions. I don’t like it when a lotion or any skincare product has skin-whitening properties. I also don’t like it when it becomes sticky as the day progresses. And, the last concern always revolves around the cost of the product. So, I tried out the Blackwater Women Desire Perfume Lotion if it checks out all the boxes.

Subscribing to brightening instead of whitening.

Skin lightening or whitening has always been a problem for me. When I was younger, I hated how dark I looked. Due to colorism, I hated my brown skin and my classmates would bully me about something I was born with.

Aside from that, there will always be advertisements and commercials for whitening products, especially for lotions. These ads would label whitened skin as pretty and divine while they would dub my brown skin as dirty and dull. I would cry about it until I eventually stopped.

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Skin lightening or whitening refers to reducing pigmentation. Brightening, on the other hand, revolves around restoring vibrancy to the skin. Although there isn’t anything wrong with other people wanting to have lighter skin, I just didn’t want it with mine.

I had to go on a long journey just to fall in love with my skin. And, I’m proud of it. I like brightening products more than actual whitening. So, seeing a product like Blackwater Women’s Desire Perfume Lotion is a breath of fresh air. 

Looking out for non-sticky hydrating products to help out with my skin condition.

In earlier articles, I mentioned being diagnosed with a skin condition called lichen simplex chronicus, defined as a common form of chronic neurodermatitis. Chronic itching and scratching usually cause this skin condition.

This causes skin patches with leathery and scaly textures. However, I only have this at the back of my neck and on my elbow. So, naturally, I would gravitate towards non-sticky hydrating products to avoid the patches on my skin.

Non-sticky lotions make me itch and it irritates the already-existing patch on my elbow. But, when I tried out Blackwater Women Desire Perfume Lotion, I find it quite helpful when it comes to moisturizing my skin which is a need, especially with my diagnosis.

Overall, I like the Blackwater Women Desire Perfume Lotion and I would use it for as long as I can. The 600-ml bottle only has a suggested retail price of Php 240. Personally, the scent has become a huge plus for me. But, to make the powdery fresh aroma of Desire last longer, I recommend using both the deo spray and the lotion together. You can get it from their official store on Shopee!

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