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5 Action Movie Series I Enjoyed As A Non-Action Movie Fan

5 Action Movie Series I Enjoyed As A Non-Action Movie Fan

Guns, flying bullets, fistfights, and men with seemingly immortal lives are arguably the most sought-after movie elements. My mother cultured me with the best of the best actors in the field. There were Jackie Chan, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, and many more. Even after all that, I never got close to liking action movies the same way my mother did. 

In picking movies, I’m never one to intrinsically choose an action movie over romantic and horror movies. As a non-action movie fan, these action movie series have glued me to my seat binging and kept wanting more.

5 Action Movie Series I Enjoyed As A Non-Action Movie Fan

The Bourne series

The Bourne series is a five-movie installment with a spin-off TV sequel based on the character of Jason Bourne. This action movie series is an adaptation of the 1980s spy fiction of Robert Ludlum.

The Bourne series tells the story of Jason Bourne, a man with remarkable fighting skills, suffering from total amnesia. In an attempt to discover who he is, he embarks on a journey without knowing the dangers ahead. Those after Bourne felt alarmed after seeing him alive and well. They sent lethal assassins to kill him, preventing his further pursuit to discover who he is. After his encounter with the assassins, he became more desperate to know his identity. He set out on a search with Marie (played by Franka Potente), unearthing deeper secrets about his identity and affiliations with underground operations. 

As a non-action movie fan, I love action movie series that offer a rich plot and this movie did just that. The Bourne series has a good blend of action and story, starting the movie with a twist. The set of characters is also phenomenal, the character of Jason Bourne is played by none other than Matt Damon. If that’s not enough reason to watch, what is?


Taken is a French-English-language action-thriller film starring Liam Neeson. The film centers on Bryan Mills, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative, as he travels across Europe to rescue his daughter. 

The story of Taken begins with Bryan’s daughter and her friend, Kim, and Amanda, going to Paris. Kim calls her father upon reaching Amanda’s cousin’s apartment. During a phone call with her father, Kim sees men entering their apartment and abducting Amanda. The abductors turned out to be a part of a human trafficking scheme that sells women as sex slaves. Bryan set out on a rescue operation relying on every skill he learned as a former CIA agent. 

This film brought us Liam Neeson’s ‘I will look for you. I will find you. I will kill you.’ The race against time the mission of Bryan had me hooked to my screen from beginning to end. The ruthlessness of Liam Neeson is intense and well-delivered in the fighting scenes

John Wick

The John Wick series centers on a former legendary assassin who is forced out of retirement to seek vengeance. In the beginning, John was grieving for his wife when he received a dog. The gift arranged by his wife was to help him cope up with her passing. The movie takes a drastic turn when a sadistic Russian mob stole Wick’s car and killed his dog. This set out Wick on a revenge operation, unleashing the killing machine that rests inside him. 

John Wick is by far my most underestimated action movie series. I recall how much I’ve put off watching this because of its simple storyline. A man like Keanu Reeves deserves a heavier story than a dog. I found it even more ridiculous that they managed to create three sequels after the first. The joke was clearly on me. 

Fast and Furious

The Fast and Furious series literally has everything. This film series and the quality of action—the cars, gun fights, brawling, and car chase—is truly top-tier.

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Fast and Furious is an action movie series popularly recognized for its street racing, heists, and family. Dom Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) and his family have outsmarted and outraced every adversary that stands in their way. Along the way, Dom and his family have made many foes, fueling them to get revenge. 

Fast X, the tenth film installation, is now showing in Philippine cinemas. Take your family and catch ‘Fast X’ in cinemas now!


Thanks to TikTok, I stumbled on this gem. As a non-action movie fan, it’s no joke when I say I watched this action movie series just like I breathed. 

The Equalizer follows the story of Robert McCall (played by Denzel Washington), a man whose identity and origin remain a mystery. Robert lives a seemingly normal life as an employee in a hardware store in Boston. He had befriended Teri (played by Chloë Grace Moretz), a teenage prostitute trafficked by a Russian mob. Robert felt worried after not hearing from Teri for days. He rushes into a hospital ICU, finding Teri unconscious and beaten. Robert sought revenge and terminated the men that beat her, unaware of their affiliation with a larger syndicate. After relieving his past self, Robert began a journey of exacting vigilante justice on criminals he encounters. 

Robert’s ruthless yet precise way of exterminating his enemies is truly mesmerizing to watch. The Equalizer 3 coming this year completes the Equalizer trilogy.  

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