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How Aloe Vera & Vinegar Can Help Your Hair This ECQ

How Aloe Vera & Vinegar Can Help Your Hair This ECQ

Most of us are deeply saddened by the terrible impact of the coronavirus. Due to the ECQ, our hair must be neglected and in its worst state in years. What’s heartbreaking is that the ECQ got extended to our dismay, causing us to cancel our much-awaited trip to our favorite salons. Well, if it will help our country to flatten the curve, then there’s no other option but to stay home.

For us to counter its ill-effects and to ease some of your worries regarding your looks, we’ve tried to give you some DIY tips to help you out with your hair care routines this isolation period. After all, no one has expected this or even prepared for it. We want to equip you with a self-care toolkit that can last a lifetime. You might be asking why, simply because, as we always say, we care for you and your hair.

Self-Care Means Self-love

In the midst of the chaos that is upon us, we’re aching for this isolation period to end. The next few weeks can be a perfect opportunity for us to focus on self-love by taking care of ourselves. When anxiety is at an all-time high, this can also be therapeutic. Gone are the days that we kept on complaining that we don’t have time or it’s not that important. To put it bluntly, we have so much time at our disposal to try new things that can transform our well-being. They say that vanity is a luxury, but for us, it’s about self-love. How can you not indulge yourself if it’s about that?

What’s our New DIY?

Keeping our promise to provide you with easy to do hair care routine is our commitment to you during this isolation. We’re glad to collaborate with Marqed Salon and we’re able to tap the help of the guest hairstylist, Carla Quiogue from their pool of creatives. “Our hair is our crown and just like any other crowns, it should be treated like royalty. You can show your respect on it by taking care of it.”, Carla said.


Aloe Vera Power

She shared the benefits of using Aloe Vera as it can be a great hair conditioner that can result to a smoother and shinier hair. It can also promote hair growth and can help reduce dandruff. It’s time to kiss your flakes goodbye with this simple ritual.

Medical News Today



Their Creative Director, Mark Rosales, shared the benefits of using vinegar to our hair. In the meantime, Carla upped the ante by mixing it with our favorite conditioner to neutralize the stench of vinegar. She even called it, Consuka. Who would have thought that vinegar can keep our scalp healthy? According to a past study in the International Journal of Trichology, vinegar can be beneficial to our hair by warding off bacteria and keeping a balanced pH level. Scroll through and see it all for yourself.



These tips are not only easy to do but also inexpensive. We might be in isolation but we want to make sure that we’re available for you. Our goal is to be an avenue to help you out in this time of need. We want to be your online Glam Squad until this isolation end, as they say, we’re all in this together!



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