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Having pets in your life is a good choice and here are reasons why:

Having pets in your life is a good choice and here are reasons why:

Owning a pet is, sometimes, one of the hardest decisions we have to make in our lives. There are a lot of things to consider before getting a pet. Although for some long-time pet owners, getting a new one is never a risk. We, sometimes, call them just pets. But, to some, they are not just a pet. They are more than that. They are our best friends; a part of our family. Having a pet feels therapeutic; a reason for healing and comfort. There are endless reasons why having a furry friend is a good choice in our lives.

Having pets in your life is a good choice and here are reasons why:

They make you a better person.

Having a furry friend around you bares so much responsibility. It requires so much job from daily taking them out for a walk to cleaning their unintentional mess at home. You also need to have the patience to understand how silly they are at times. They will embarrass you when they do something foolish to the public. You will feel annoyed whenever they destroy something that’s important to you. Your cable charger may be at the top of their list. Yet, despite all of these, they make you a better person and a better version of yourself.

They lessen your mood swings.

It lessens your mood swings. This fact doesn’t just go for the moody ones! Having a furry friend at home easily solves a bad day. This has also been proved by some studies that having a pet with you lessens loneliness and controls anxieties. Interacting with them decrease levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and lowers blood pressure.

Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

Pets make you feel loved.

It makes you feel loved. I do believe that pets have their own superpower in making their pet owners feel loved at times when they feel so unloved. Pets have this very intimate connection and feeling for them to know that we are sad, stressed, and anxious about something. Through their eyes, we feel the unconditional and empathetic heart which for sure, never fails to make us feel better.

Having a pet builds a good relationship.

Having a pet around builds a good relationship with others. Owning a pet gives us the chance to interact and socialize with other people. It gives us the opportunity to talk and make friends with other pet owners. Thus, teaches us to go out in our comfort zone and try something exciting activities outside with them.

They make you feel secure.

Pet sometimes becomes our safe haven, our home — a very safe home. It gives us a sense of relaxation, trust, and empathy which leads to the safety we need. We sometimes tell them stories we never tell to our friends or family — simply because we trust them enough. They always make us feel that we are protected, most especially with dogs knowing them as the most loyal ones. 

Extra cuddle sesh at night.

You get to have some extra cuddles at night. If you are a cuddly person, then pets are really for you! Snuggling with your furry friend is a sweet thing to do especially at night. Cuddling with them also shows bond, affection, and warmth which both of you really need not just at night but even on a day-to-day basis as well.

Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

Having a pet relieves stress after a long tiring day.

Pets relieve stress after a long tiring day at work. A tiring day from work is really a big hassle. However, the fact that we knew there is someone waiting for us at home is such a great feeling. It always feel so surreal walking through your door and seeing your dog or cat lying on the floor while wagging his tail, waiting for you to pet him. You can’t help yourself not to pet them, because why not? With they charming puppy eyes, they don’t deserve to be ignored.

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No boyfriend or girlfriend? Your pets got you!

No boyfriend/girlfriend? Your pets got you! I don’t mean to offend you, but if you’re single — maybe you should need to get a pet with you. In the absence of your loved one, your pets got your back! Having no boyfriend or girlfriend will never be a problem because your fur friend is way better than them. Kidding aside, your pet can also provide you with the warm embrace, and genuine love you deserve.

Having a pet teaches you to be selfless.

Pet teaches you to be selfless. Taking care of them, especially for a very long time teaches us a sense of selflessness. This may actually be true for every fur owner — it’s actually okay with us to eat anything cheap for as long as our pet is healthy. Remember that our pets’ lives are in our hands.

They teach you how important loyalty is.

Pet teaches you how important loyalty is. Above all, pet teaches us this very important value in life — loyalty and respect. They are known to be very loyal to their respective owners. And in return, you have to be loyal to them too! It also shows respect for one another and you can apply these two values in your everyday life as well!

Pets are indeed the best companion we can ever have. The companionship we feel from them is so overwhelming that it actually makes us want not to grow old too fast so that they can’t be alone. The overflowing joy and laughter we cherish with them that will forever be a memory within their cute little minds. This leads me to the fact that we can never go wrong with owning one.

Graphics by Kristel Anne Sabater

Do you want to know what’s the funniest thing? Sometimes we receive the most genuine love from our furry friends instead of receiving them from people around us. This reminded me of a short quote I’ve read somewhere: “Animals are such agreeable friends — they ask no question; they pass no criticisms.” So what are you waiting for? Go out and check for yourself a buddy you’ll have for a lifetime!

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