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Habits To Ensure You Can Wake Up Early

Habits To Ensure You Can Wake Up Early

Personally, being a morning person isn’t my cup of tea. Although waking up early boasts positive health benefits, including better concentration, long-lasting energy, and more. Aside from that, being a morning person meant you can enjoy the sunshine which regulates the circadian rhythm and tells the body when to increase and decrease melatonin levels. The more daylight exposure the body gets, the better the body will produce melatonin when it’s time to go to sleep. 

Despite not being a morning person, there are ways you can learn how to wake up early with healthy habits:

Setting an earlier bedtime

You could find it much easier to wake up early in the morning if you train your body to go to sleep sooner. Anything less than that can make it difficult to get up early because most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep every night.


Disconnecting from technology is a great way to clear your head and shut out the noise. Set a time for yourself after which you entirely unplug from your phone, laptop, and any other electronics. You’ll be able to go to bed and get up earlier. 

Eating a light dinner and avoiding late-night snacking

You should eat a substantial breakfast and a light dinner. Light dinners aid in speedy digestion, which helps obtain a good night’s sleep. This can also help you experience fewer issues with indigestion or acid reflux.

For instance, a filling salad bowl or soup with steamed vegetables. After a light dinner, getting up on time becomes considerably simpler. Aside from that, you should not miss meals in an effort to lose weight. A large meal necessitates longer digestion times, and consequently, longer sleep times.

Silencing phones

Aside from unplugging and disconnecting from your electronics, experts also recommend turning off your phone ringer or activating Do Not Disturb mode before bed. Notifications can also wake you up in the middle of the night.

This, then, can tempt you to check your phone. This will, of course, disrupt your sleep cycle. That notification will still be there in the morning. So, do yourself a favor and completely disconnect before going to sleep. That way, you can wake up early. 

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No all-nighters

Skipping a night’s sleep isn’t a wise choice. Even if it is for finishing an assignment for school and/or a project for work. It would lead to exhaustion the next morning. Then, lack of sleep inhibits your body’s ability to function properly.

A recent study even reported that someone who would go a night without sleep often ends up with the cognitive impairment of an individual who had drunk at least the legal limit. That, of course, proves how important sleep is to our bodies. So, avoid procrastinating and stop putting all-nighters to finish something. Lack of sleep isn’t worth it. 

Placing alarm clock across your room

You can avoid snoozing your alarm by placing your phone or alarm clock across the room where your bed is. So, when your alarm goes off, you have to force yourself out of bed to turn it off. Without the temptation of snoozing alarms, you will wake up early and right on time. 

You can adapt your schedule with minor solutions. Your body might develop the habit of rising early with the help of these minor adjustments.

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