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Four ways to prolong the battery life of your Galaxy S20

Four ways to prolong the battery life of your Galaxy S20

Samsung‘s newest Galaxy S20S20 Plus and S20 Ultra has new features that should drain its battery life faster. It has an improved camera that can record 8K video, a 120Hz display and 5G connectivity. We wouldn’t want that, would we? Reaching for the charger before the end of the day sucks. It’s like that money you spent for that new phone wasn’t worth it.


Make the most out of your Galaxy S20 with these five ways:

The camera on the Galaxy S20 is exquisite but the battery life won’t be that amazing. Although there won’t be denying that Samsung produced the S20 with something bold in mind, it only exists to show off its camera features. However, the camera isn’t the only thing that consumers think of when they decide to purchase a new phone. So, here are the four ways to make the most out of your Galaxy S20!


Dark mode is a friend. Displaying darker images and backgrounds uses less energy. You can leave it on all the time through Settings > Display. Then, you can select Dark at the top of the screen. If you only want to use it at night, or on a set schedule, select Dark Mode Settings and adjust as you see fit. Aside from prolonging the battery life, it also happens to look cool and feel comfortable on the eye.



The Galaxy S20 has a display of full WQHD+ resolution features a 3,220 X 1,440 pixels. The screen’s full resolution may look stunning but it would surely strain the phone’s battery. In fact, the first thing that Samsung’s own power-saving mode do ha to do with reducing the screen resolution. Switch your full screen through Settings > Display > Screen Resolution. Plus, using the default FHD+ resolution on 2,400 X 1,080 pixels may be more than good enough for most of us.


The screen’s brightness level can be another reason why the Galaxy S20’s battery life lasts quicker than it should. The adaptive brightness tracks any adjustments you make along with the current lighting conditions and makes similar changes in the future. If you find the adaptive brightness too aggressive, you can turn it off through Settings > Display and toggle the switch next to Adaptive Brightness to the Off position.



Check the impact on batter life of apps in Settings > Device Care > Battery > Battery Usage. If you find an app or apps that use more battery than you’d like, select it in the list and turn on Put App To Sleep. These apps running in the background impact the battery life. Putting the app to sleep is essentially stopping them from running in the background until you open them again.

Aside from that, you can also make adjustments with the power modes. Open Settings > Device Care > Battery > Power Mode and make adjustments to the power modes. The default setting Optimize gives the user a healthy mix of performance and maintaining battery life. However, this will get more aggressive with Medium and Maximum power saving.

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