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Tips on how to maximize your SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 while indoors

Tips on how to maximize your SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 while indoors


Today’s Gen Z grew up completely around social media. Data from research and management firm McKinsey and Company shows that this generation’s early exposure to the internet has taught them the value of self-expression, giving birth to a new crop of influencers ready to share their lives online. This is related to their desire to connect with other people, whether it’s through their peers or their followers. As a result, they are always on the internet and eager to create awesome content using their smartphones wherever they are.

With this in mind, SAMSUNG has got them covered with the new Galaxy A71. Since Gen Zs love expressing themselves through their smartphones, the tech brand has some tips on how Gen Z can maximize their Galaxy A71 and be “awesome” even when they are indoors. This means showcasing what makes them who they are while at home–through their passions, talents, likes, or interests, and sharing them to the world.

Produce awesome indoor content.

Today’s generation is a growing group of visual storytellers. Limiting their subjects within the corners of their homes will not stop them from producing content and showcasing their creativity online. The Galaxy A71 is packed with a Quad Rear Camera setup that allows them to experiment with different types of visual media. Unforgettable moments with your loved ones can be captured clearer and brighter with its 64MP camera.

The Ultra-Wide Camera’s broad field of vision can let them snap family photos, including their extended relatives. Home cooked dishes and desserts can look more enticing with the Macro lens, which can bring tiny details to the spotlight. Gen Zs will no longer need to look for the perfect outdoor scene as portraits captured at home can be made social media-ready with the Depth Camera, giving their shots a bokeh effect. They can even make their indoor videos look more professional without the hassle of different equipment, thanks to the Galaxy A71’s Super Steady feature.

Go live on social media.

Zs love to create video content wherever they are, whether through dance covers, tutorial vlogs, or product reviews. The Galaxy A71 serves as their perfect partner to go live since it’s equipped with a 32MP Front Camera, that means clear and smooth footage. Additionally, vlogs become more colorful and fun when Gen Zs use the back-camera’s AR Doodle video feature to add drawings or words on their videos.

Play mobile games with your barkada.

Through innovation, playing games with friends who are far away is now more accessible through the power of online gaming. Right now, games are increasingly becoming graphics-heavy. Moreover, today’s generation is relying on their smartphones to support their love for gaming. Galaxy A71 boasts its Advanced Snapdragon 730G Processor and 8GB of RAM. They can join matches and claim victories online without any lags. Moreover, the smartphone intelligently adapts by optimizing battery, temperature, and memory based on the user’s gaming habits.

Binge-watch the latest shows and movies with your loved ones.

Family bonding can be made more memorable when you enjoy the same TV shows or movies. That’s why binge-watching is made easier and more entertaining with the Galaxy A71. It features a 6.7″ Infinity-O Display and Super AMOLED Plus color technology. Of course, the whole family can appreciate a more cinematic experience. Through its large, expansive screen, they can immerse themselves in the latest fantasy series or action thriller with fewer interruptions. They can also binge-watch the entire day since the device has a powerful 4,500mAh battery with 25W Super-Fast Charging technology.

Moments at home can become more awesome with the innovative features of the SAMSUNG Galaxy A71. The smartphone is priced at Php 22,990. It is available in Prism Crush Blue, Prism Crush Silver, and Prism Crush Black.

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