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How to Get the Best Bargain in Online Thrifting

How to Get the Best Bargain in Online Thrifting

I love a good bargain. I’ve been thrifting since I was younger, and it makes me so happy that others enjoy thrifting as much as I do. It’s nice to have cool clothes to wear and get them at a discount. The only thing is, with the number of thrift stores open both on-site and online, it’s hard to keep track of the places you’ll get a good bargain for your clothes.

Here are some tips and tricks for any savvy customer to get a good deal online!

Do your research

Since we’ve moved from Metro Manila to another region, I have had to switch the thrift accounts I followed on my socials. I didn’t want to pay a lot just for the shipping, so I bought in my home base and still got thrifted clothes that I liked.

Where you are matters in online shopping. It doesn’t matter if you buy a dress for a low price if you have to pay a large amount in shipping fees. If you want to make the most out of your money, do your research on the thrift accounts that are located in your region. Most accounts have their locations on their bio so you can easily check if it’s the right shop to follow.

Keep an eye on sales

Sometimes, the shop announces when they’ll have a sale to clear out the previous collections, and sometimes they just do a flash sale near the end of the month. Keeping an eye on how they announce their sales can help you get the clothes you’ve been eying for at an even cheaper price.

See Also

Thrifting online is also a battle of internet connection. While you can’t control when your internet fluctuates, you can also check their Instagram and Facebook stories for updates. You can also comment for a tag or save the countdown to get notified when the collection is live. When thrift accounts have a collection going up, they often post previews of the available clothes. When you find something that you like, take a screenshot of it so that it is faster and easier for you to remember. Remember to only purchase what you need to save money.

Be a loyal customer

For any small business, how many times you like and comment on any of their socials is important. It’s mutually beneficial: they get their business promoted and you make sure that your new favorite small business isn’t going to get dissolved. It’s a plus if you’ve bought from them before because some shops give discounts after the first purchase. Being nice online can go a long way.

Shopping is more fun when you get a good bargain. Hopefully, with these tips, you can get the clothes you want and save money. Comment down below with your fave fashion thrift tips!

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