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Face Shaving: A Guide To Men’s Shaving

Face Shaving: A Guide To Men’s Shaving

Is it your first time shaving? We’re here to help! I know some of you are afraid to do it and scared that you might cut your face. Some of us also find that mustaches and beards don’t look compatible with our facial features. It makes us look untidy and messy. So, it really helps as one way to groom men’s appearances, making us look and feel clean.

Face Shaving: A Guide To Men’s Shaving

Step 1: Hydrate your face.

Washing your face with warm water is an important step before shaving. Warm water also softens our hair for an easy process. Aside from that, it also helps remove dirt, oils, and dead skin for a comfortable experience.

Step 2: Apply shaving cream.

Apply a thick amount of shaving cream to your mustache area using your hand or brush. It helps spread the cream if you massage the skin and hair. Shaving cream also protects from irritation So, beforehand it’s better to layer it well and spread it evenly.

Step 3: Blades

Wet your blades and start stroking on areas you want to shave. A gentle stroke is an important tool for smooth shaving because it avoids irritation and bleeding. Prioritize areas where there are a lot of mustaches.

Step 4: Rinse the blades.

Check your blades every turn and rinse if the blade has hair. Apply additional cream if you want to do it again your face this provides lubrication.

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Step 5: Aftershave.

After shaving, wash away extra cream on your face. Check the blades if there’s any hair excess left and put it back in your organized kit. Also, check your face if the mustache and beard are completely removed.

Step 6: Apply moisturizer aftershave.

After everything, moisturize your face with cream. This helps cool down your face and makes your skin smooth.

Easy right? Now you master the men’s d. Please remember to constantly check your blades if it works well and dispose of them once they become dull. Also, check your face often and do it whenever needed to!

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