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4 Things to NOT forget on your next date!

4 Things to NOT forget on your next date!

After three months of the more-than-friends-less-than-lovers stage with someone, you’ve finally got time for an actual, physical date! So you iron out clothes, groom your hair, and did everything to pamper out, but then it hits you: What else do you need? Well, you’re in luck!

These four things are essentials you definitely need to secure a second date before it even becomes a thought!

refillable perfume container

Nothing beats the first impression of a wonderful scent, but bulky perfume bottles make it a hassle to bring. Cue these small, refillable perfume containers! The 4-inch tubes fit nicely in any purse, belt bag, and even your jacket pocket! Now you can dab your favorite scent anywhere and retain your confidence throughout the evening.

pill pack

Nobody loves headaches, but you’ll probably rue them more in the middle of a date! Buy yourself a handy medicine case that contains aspirins, paracetamols, and even loperamide. Yup, loperamide. We don’t want any accidents happening anytime soon, don’t we?

face and body wipes

Having wipes ensures cleanliness beyond compare. These damp pieces of cloth are multipurpose, ranging from cleaning make-up to wiping sweat and dirt on the skin. Avoid greasy hands that are meant for holding with wipes! Everybody likes a sanitary king and queen.

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pepper spray

Sometimes, first dates from dating apps can go unexpected, so it doesn’t hurt to prepare for the worst. Pepper sprays and tasers provide the comfort of safety when mingling with strangers. You can even create a pepper spray from scratch! Just remember to use it only when completely necessary.

These items play a low profile for the date, but small things like these tend to increase one’s chances for a great first impression. But, the best thing to bring in a date is a can-do attitude and confidence, so prepare for the worse and hope for the best.

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