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EXO Chen is getting married and having a baby

EXO Chen is getting married and having a baby

EXO Chen

Chen of popular Korean boy band EXO, announced that he is getting married to his non-showbiz girlfriend and hinted that his wife-to-be is pregnant with his child.

In a hand letter posted on EXO’s fancafe, Kim Jongdae (Chen’s real name) said that he has already found the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Below is his letter’s full transciption:

“Hello, this is Chen. I’m writing because I have something to tell you. I don’t know how to start and I am very nervous to break the news. But I wanted to be the first to tell my fans, who showed love and support for me, so I’m writing despite my crude writing. 

I have a girlfriend who I want to spend the rest of my life with. 

At first, I was worried about the consequences of my decision. But I was discussing it with the label and the members on how to deliver this, so you won’t be surprised out of the blue.

But then I was graced with good news. 

Now that I couldn’t do what I have been planning with my label and members, I worked up my courage, though I am not fully prepared. I couldn’t hold it any longer. 

I appreciate my members who genuinely congratulated me, and thank you very much for your love and support. [I] will be forever grateful for your love. I’ll do my best in my place, as usual, to reciprocate your love. Thank you always.” 

EXO’s agency, SM Entertainment immediately asked for kind understanding from fans and reporters regarding EXO Chen’s announcement.

Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

Chen has met someone precious to him and will be getting married. The bride is a non-celebrity, and the wedding will be held privately with only their families in attendance.

To respect their families’ opinions, the wedding and everything related to it will be held privately, so we ask fans and reporters for their kind understanding.

Chen will continue to work hard as an artist.

We ask you to send Chen lots of blessings and messages of celebration.

Thank you.

According to Soompi, a source from SM Entertainment confirmed too that Chen’s fiancée is pregnant but since the girl is a non-celebrity, they cannot reveal how far she is in her pregnancy or any other related details.

“Jongdae” and “Chen” trended number 1 and 2 respectively after the news. EXO-Ls worldwide are congratulating the first EXO member to get married and be a father.

The 28-year-old main vocalist is also soon to enlist in Korean mandatory military service along with his other members, Chanyeol and Baekhyun.


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