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Zaijian Jaranilla stars in iWant series ‘Story of My Life’

Zaijian Jaranilla stars in iWant series ‘Story of My Life’


The story revolves on Rex (Zaijian Jaranilla’s character) a sensitive loner who had difficulties of living. The lead character feels neglected by his mom over his older brother and later had a heartbreak with his school crush.

In the trailer, Rex had a humiliating appearance at their prom reinforcing his outcast status at school. He made a budding romance with his apple of the eye but then eventually ends. The character later felt being ignored and started to question his existence.


As how he said in the video, “ganito na lang lagi ang kwento ng buhay ko laging sablay ang reality kumpara sa mga panaginip ko. (The story of my life is always like this. Reality is always a fail compare to my dreams.)”


Story twists as the lead character made a decision of disappearing to everyone. His parents assumed he committed suicide and felt guilty after finding a dead body. And later the story will have its unexpected turn as Rex’s parents will discover the reason his disappearance.


Story of My Life is the first digital series of Zaijian. It is directed by Barry Gonzaless III and written by Maribel Ilag. A production of Big Reveal Digital also starring Tart Carlos, Iyah Mina, Raul Montessa, Vance Larena, Belle Mariano, and Alyanna Angeles.


The series will depicts the importance of parenthood in the growth of teenagers. Besides the school romance, the series is seriously timely as it will show how suicide, depression, and bullying are big challenges in everyone’s life.

Story of My Life is now available in iWant app or in

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