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Exercise Caution When Following Other Pet Owners’ Opinion

Exercise Caution When Following Other Pet Owners’ Opinion

Being a pet owner, I often worry about the health of my pets, but I can’t always afford to take them to the vet to be examined. I used to follow other pet owners’ opinions and seek them for advice. However, I stopped listening to them after this one specific incident. I learned from this experience that we should always be cautious. I was inspired to write this one after hearing two extremely different diagnoses from a layperson and a veterinarian.

Here are a few reasons you should exercise caution when following the opinions of other pet owners.

Nobody is more knowledgeable than a Veterinarian.

Occasionally, as I go through Facebook, I come across posts regarding sick animals. Many people express empathy by making comments and offering do-it-yourself remedies or even medicines. Although I am aware that they are merely worried, their opinions can somehow end up making things worse. Using non-prescribed medicine carries numerous risks. That is something I can’t turn a blind eye to. If cost is a concern, there are government organizations that provide free services for your dogs and cats. The key takeaway is that veterinarians are the best people to as since it is their area of expertise. We all want our pets to feel better, so before giving them any medications, talk to them first if you have all the means to do so.

Be careful with the know-it-all Person

We often run into people who believe they know everything, which supports the previous statement. Someone who believes they are knowledgeable about animal care because they have owned pets in the past or are now doing so. Okay, I won’t disregard your experience since there are still chances that their opinions are accurate but I would like to remind everyone that not every situation is the same. For instance, Your pet may discharge blood in their feces for a variety of reasons including bacterial or viral infections, injuries, eating something unsuitable, and many others. This only proves that not all situations are the same. Be careful when following their opinions as you decide between life and death on behalf of your pet.

Be careful with the know-it-all Person Pt. 2

People who believe that you can feed your pets whatever you want have been all around me. For instance, they claim that since all dogs enjoy eating cooked bones, doing so won’t hurt our pets. Reading articles about foods they can eat completely drained my patience with people who think they know everything. Cooked bones are dangerous to your pets so don’t give your dogs cooked bones of any kind. Why? Aside from the fact that cooking can remove nutrients from it, cooked bones can easily break into smaller pieces. It might harm your dog’s mouth, throat, and intestines as well as induce choking. Therefore, educate people who advise you to feed leftover food with cooked bones to your dogs. This is just an example, I know that a lot of us encounter people like this.

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There is always room for improvement and learning. I will admit that I am still in the stage of finding out information that could help me take care of my pets properly. It just worries me knowing that a lot of pet owners rely on other layperson’s opinions rather than taking their pets to Vet Clinics and consulting with them. Yes, there are obvious illnesses they can speak about but no one can prescribe proper medication than veterinarians.

Make sure to exercise extreme caution when following other Pet owners’ opinions. Practice sharing the right information too and encourage them to visit Veterinary Clinics and have their pets checked. As a pet owner, you are not just responsible for your pet, you are also responsible for the pets around you.

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