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Darren Espanto Keeping The Christmas Spirit Alive

Darren Espanto Keeping The Christmas Spirit Alive

Super typhoons had ravaged the entire nation just in the past couple of weeks and this was after the unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic has left most of us crumbling — but there’s a bright rainbow smiling at us on the horizon. It’s because the most anticipated event of the year is just around the corner and is knocking on our hearts. Yes, the Christmas season might just be the lone event this year that all of us are looking for. Social gatherings must have been canceled but not the holiday music, and Teen Heartthrob Darren Espanto (whom we thought of as MIA) made us long for the familiar nostalgia that the holiday brings as he releases a new single, Believe in Christmas.

When I heard this song, I instantly felt hope by believing that Christmas can make a difference in everything that we are going through these days,” Darren said.

Who wouldn’t want to hold on to any tinge of hope? Uncertainties can either make you feel hopeful or downright depressed. No one wants to go down the rabbit hole and since Filipinos are ought to be resilient, we opt to look at the brighter side and feel optimistic. We’re not saying that we’re romanticizing this great Filipino trait, it’s just that it’s noteworthy especially in such a tumultuous year.

Where is Darren right now?

Most of his avid fans would have wished for him to be in the country serenading us in ASAP Natin ‘To and somehow easing our pains but his family decided for him to stay in Canada. But no need to fret as this heartwarmer is about to go back to our native land. “I have a project coming up. I can’t say any details about this yet but I will have to fly out soon,” he said.

The young artist’s excitement was palpable as he shared why this must be the single that is closest to his heart yet.

“Like I said earlier, Christmas is a season of hope, love, and joy and even though we are going through rough times I believe that believing in Christmas will get us through this together. Indeed he wants to rub off his hopefulness through this single.”

When asked what was his favorite line on it, he sang the tune right away: “We’ve been through dark places before and when love shines through, there’s always something more.

It made me teary-eyed because it talks about finding that ray of hope, a silver lining in any circumstances. After years of seeing him grow as an up and coming star from the Voice Kids, his radiance has never faltered but instead is shining brightly as ever.

Darren and his music

Not shying away when asked about his prolonged absence in the country, just like any other loving Filipino, he’d rather be with his family in a time of crisis and assured his fans not to worry as he has plans in place.

Well through the help of social media and technology, I’ve been able to continue with work. I do virtual concerts and live events as well. And I’m still able to keep in touch with my friends and loved ones overseas,” Darren assured his loyal fans.

Through music, Darren wants to inspire his fellow Filipinos to continue sending a message of hope and camaraderie in these uncertain times.

I hope to end the year with a bang by touching the hearts of a lot of Filipinos. Christmas is so close to our hearts and I enjoy listening to Christmas songs even when it isn’t the holidays.

Keeping The Christmas Spirit

Just like most of the Filipino families who are now based abroad, Darren and his loved ones always make sure to maintain the spirit of authentic Filipino Christmas in their household.

“Even though we’re in Canada, we still have a Capiz Parol in front of our house. We also decorate our whole house and put up our Christmas tree every year. We wrap up presents and prepare food.”

Filipino wants some semblance of normalcy with everything that is going on, my interest was easily piqued when Darren shared a heartwarming message that could boost the morale of anyone who will read it.

“Filipinos are very simple and very easy to please. Christmas is about giving hope to everyone and every Filipino looks forward to that day even in times of a global pandemic. It may not be a usual Christmas for everyone, but this season will still give them the comfort and warmth that we need nowadays.

There may be a pandemic, there may be typhoons, there may be flooding going on but if we still hold onto our faith, we can conquer and overcome all these trials. Just keep the faith and of course, stay safe. This is the message that I want every Filipino to hold on to.”

With these patriotic sentiments at heart, I’m awed and is now an official Darren supporter. I can only wish that this Christmas single will be an enormous success. With a ravaged heart and tormented soul, this Christmas single can only remind us again of how good our savior is.


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