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What excites this aspiring model to join and be known in modeling industry

What excites this aspiring model to join and be known in modeling industry


The modeling industry is such a competitive environment to be with. And yet, this excites Rob Imperial, even more, to join and be known in it.

Based in Ilocos Norte, the 18-year-old aspiring model is eager to hone his talents and maximize his potential to earn the spotlight and attention. Ever since he was young, he has always dreamed of entering the show business and have since exposed himself to various modeling competitions in their province.

Rob believes there is more than some of his parts and he is looking forward to showcasing what he’s got.

“My past and present investments in my physique to be involved is a reflection of my determination to be in the industry. Through 100 %percent support and effort, of my sincerity and passion.”


He also says he’s a fast learner and multi-talented for he is confident in both singing and acting. At his age, he is willing to learn and enhance other talents or skills if opportunities and time may offer and serve.

“I make sure that i am sincerely interested in the job, and I will be motivated to perform if hired.”

Currently, Rob is studying at Divine College of Laoag and taking up BS Tourism management. 


When asked who among today’s famous personalities he wants to collaborate with one day, Rob expressed his excitement for the opportunity.

“I would like to collaborate with people that I can trust, easy to communicate with, who can I work with as a team, to whom I/we can share talents and opinions together while respecting each other’s decisions. If I am going to consider whom I can grow more and develop better, I want John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.
“In terms of versatility and attitude in the industry, I want to learn from them and if possible, to possess what they already acquired in the industry. But anyone I think is ok for me as long both of us were comfortable and there is chemistry.”


As a newbie and an up-and-coming artist, he is also enthusiastic to share this journey with others. Especially those who want to follow the same path he is taking.

“I want to enter showbiz because I know that’s the only way to show more of my abilities in acting. To inspire other people especially teenagers, young ones to keep on dreaming, trying, and no matter what obstacles come in our way, it shouldn’t stop us from pursuing our dreams, and if we have faith and keep believing God everything is possible.
“ Lastly, I would like to share this that we never lose, it’s either we win or we learn.” 
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