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Jero Lobeña goes all-out in pursuing his dream

Jero Lobeña goes all-out in pursuing his dream

18-year-old Jero Lobeña is eager to utilize his passion and maximize his abilities to create a name for himself in the entertainment industry. This early in his life, he already knows what he wants and he would stop at nothing to see his dream to completion.

“I want to make it as someone who is known because of my craft, of my passion, of being a risk-taker and not just because of how I look.”

Jero has had his fair share of experience in performing as he was a part of a dance troupe before that has competed in various contests in the country. Now, he is focused to accelerate and be on top of his game.

“My most recognizable talent is dancing. I am a dancer/performer and I have been honing this skill for years now. by joining competitions and practicing regularly.  Dancing for me isn’t just a hobby, it is who I am, and I am good at it, and even until now, I am still improving my craft. I also believe that I am an actor. I am creative as a person and I am able to put a fresher take on an otherwise everyday role. More than these skills and talents, I can bring my good-natured self to showbusiness. I am a person who values relationships and always grateful. I appreciate people who helped me and are helping me make it in show business.”

All the way from Antipolo City in Rizal, he is now a student taking up ABM at the University of the East Manila. Equipped with his early exposure to the industry as a newbie, Jero knows he can do more with his talents and skills. 

“Right now, I am thankful that I already have two (2) television commercials with the companies of Talk n Text and Money Gram. Before I joined a pageant here in Quezon City  named Circle of Ten (C10) but unfortunately, I didn’t win the title.”

Despite his ups and downs, nothing seems to discourage Jero from trying. He believes that by joining TV shows and doing commercials, as well as some indie films, he will be able to build the potential to make doors open for him in showbiz.

And he’s already seeing it.

“Given a chance to collaborate with someone I look up to, I will choose who I consider one of the greatest actresses in today’s generation, Kathryn Bernardo. I admire not just her talent or acting skills but I admire her more for her character. It is considered rare  in this type of industry to be a good person consistently, who helps people succeed and whose reputation is one of kind-heartedness.”

Even in quarantine, where everything seemingly stops and slows down, he still possesses the eagerness and the hunger to become an actor someday in his heart:

“I am a positive person and I believe that everything’s happening for a reason. I will never stop chasing my dreams.”
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