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Daniel Delgado has got all cards in the deck

Daniel Delgado has got all cards in the deck

Rising artist Daniel Delgado holds all the aces as he is a multi-talented individual who’s eager to be known through this career. 

In an exclusive interview with Village Pipol, Daniel shared with us how he wants his name to grow in the industry he has chosen to be a part of.

“I want to be known by doing it all. Although dancing may be my forte, I continue to improve and hone my skills on other talents like being an artist and a model.”

Safe to say that he’s got all the important cards in the deck to win and excel in this path. With the right mindset and proper honing, he just might be the next big thing. Now that he is a member of RHM Talents & Events Management ’s growing roster of talents, Dan is excited for what’s ahead. Although faced with limitations with the current pandemic, he remains hopeful for a bright tomorrow.

“I always wanted to pursue this career at a young age. But what inspired me the most is having to learn what its like to become a real artist. Learning is my inspiration.”

When asked what he does to improve on his many assets, his answer was very simple and straightforward, almost advice too for those who want to follow in his footsteps.

“By being consistent at what you do. Being consistent in the sense of having to do it repeatedly until you master it. Part of improving my talents is always being hungry for growth.”

According to Dan, the key is to be you. There’s no other way around it: just be your authentic selves and all the good things will follow. This way, you wouldn’t have to build an image because you’re staying true to what you believe to be right.

“As cliche as that sounds, your safe haven should always stick to being yourself. Ride your own wave and stay humble throughout your journey.”

Since he is a multi-talented performer, Dan’s dream project is to star in a movie much like ‘Step Up,’ where he can harness his acting and dancing skills at the same time. Since we’ve already encountered that via Viva Films’ ‘Indak,’ we’re positive there’s a spot dedicated for Dan in the succeeding projects as such.

Best of luck!

RHM Talents & Events Management

Produced by | Renz Tuazon

Photographer | Jai Murcillo

Stylist | Edrick Paz

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