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Actor-Influencer Kyle Vergara is the face of Kadiwa Ni Juan

Actor-Influencer Kyle Vergara is the face of Kadiwa Ni Juan

Kadiwa Ni Juan, the most exciting franchise business in the Philippines was recently launched to help aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs through its Kadiwa ni Juan Convenience Store Franchise.

It offers value for money essential products commonly consumed by the Filipino that is being positioned to be the future local 7/11 of the Philippines. Above all, it also promotes buy local or buy

Philippine-made products through a franchise — 70% local and 30% imported product mix.

Actor and social media influencer Kyle Vergara was introduced as the face of the newest franchise negosyo in the country. With his relatable charisma and authentic Filipino traits, this former Starstruck avenger is the perfect choice as an ambassador of a Filipino-centric brand.

“Representing Kadiwa ni Juan means supporting the Filipino entrepreneurs to be successful. I really feel good when all are doing good in their businesses. I love it when I see people grow, it gives me so much joy,” Kyle shared his excitement about his new endorsement project.

Photo by Jai Murcillo

Kyle acknowledges the struggles of every Filipino in this time of a global health pandemic. Now, as an ambassador of a brand that empowers entrepreneurs, he wants to send a message to all aspiring and struggling business people to always find ways to remain motivated despite what is happening in the world right now.

“It is really difficult to be in the time of a pandemic. A lot of businesses are closing down, however, some are still somehow surviving. My message to them is to remember why they did this in the first place so they will be motivated. The purpose and vision should be number one on mind and heart. Turn this bad situation into a good one by learning how to adapt and adjust.”

Photo by Jai Murcillo

Over the past months of community quarantine, we have witnessed people starting their own home business. Kyle believes that it is important to develop entrepreneurship skills as most of us lost our jobs and livelihood due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think it is the most important skill that we should possess especially a lot of companies now are terminating job contracts, jobs that feed their family. We cannot control companies’ decisions but we can control our own. With the help of Kadiwa ni Juan, I am pretty sure Filipinos will be empowered.”

Kadiwa Ni Juan was inspired by the government’s Kadiwa Project that provides affordable quality products to the Filipino people. It adopted the concept to enable the Filipino people to build their own small business and eventually grow into a lifetime franchise negosyo.

For as low as Php 99,000.00, now every Juan can own their own a Kadiwa ni Juan Franchise Negosyo. A combination of basic essential products, the entry-level package offers all franchisees the opportunity to have their own Rice Retail/Wholesale, Grocery, and LPG business without the usual hassle thru a centralized ordering system. The most convenient and efficient way of doing business that gives all franchisees focus on managing their business.

Kadiwa ni Juan also partnered with the country’s leading local and international companies to ensure the franchisees and consumers get the best products and services. 

  1. Petron – The country’s leading LPG and Petroleum company
  2. Sharp Philippines – One of the country’s Leading Electronics company
  3. Aqua Fresh Water – The Pioneer in Water Refill Station in the country
  4. Posible – One of the leading payment facility in the country
  5. RED Farms – Top Quality Rice Distribution company

And as part of Kadiwa ni Juan’s introductory offer, if you are 1 of the 1st 100 franchisees, your Franchise Fee of Php 50,000.00 shall be FREE!  The perfect Negosyo for every JUAN!

Kadiwa ni Juan is being positioned to be one of the leading convenience stores in the Philippines (Sari-Sari, Mini-Mart, SuperMart, and MegaMart) in the future. KNJ Franchise is a project by RED Farms under its umbrella company RED Entertainment


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